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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
AltaAltaENAT ALF  69.97611123.371667
Alta SierraAlta SierraKZ  09CL 39.113783-121.056614
Alta Vista RanchAlta Vista RanchKZ  0TA7 30.148219-103.892961
Florida Hospital-AltamonteAltamonte SpgKZ  01FD 28.66639-81.37062
Alta VistaWatsonvilleKZ  CA65 36.9705-121.8622
Rebel FieldAlta LomaKZ  TX66 29.39885-95.07854
Prairie Lake Pvt Res Sp Mooring FacilityAltamonte SpgsKZ  3FD9 28.65666-81.3534
North Lake HelistopAltamonte SpgsKZ  3FL7 28.65556-81.38667
Reed-WilsontonAltamontKZ  3KS8 37.25645-95.33358
AltamiraAltamiraSBHT ATM  -3.253906-52.253978
Alta FlorestaAlta FlorestaSBAT AFL  -9.866092-56.106206
AltaiAltaiZMAT LTI  46.22696.133
Alta GraciaAlta GraciaSA   -31.39-64.24

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