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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
Centre MuniCentre MuniKZ  KC22 34.159875-85.635131
Centerville AirstripCentervilleKZ  AR03 35.118697-93.201564
Central WisconsinMosineeKCWA CWA KCWA 44.777619-89.666781
Central Jersey RgnlCentral JerseyKZ JVI K47N 40.524383-74.598392
American Legion-Village of CentertownCentertownKZ  MO19 38.61309-92.41213
Ray Johnson IncCentervilleKZ  MO96 37.41616-90.96346
Central Montana Hospital And Nursing HomeLewistownKZ  MT31 47.05803-109.4396
Plane HavenCentervilleKZ  N01 42.45006-78.23695
Centre AirparkCentre HallKZ  N16 40.81173-77.65722
Penns CaveCentre HallKZ  N74 40.89034-77.60249
Central Valley AviationBuxtonKZ  NA81 47.62831-97.08647
LetzringCenterKZ  ND65 46.98889-101.3536
ChickvilleCenter OssipeeKZ  NH18 43.73341-71.15118
Arthur'sCenter HarborKZ  NH36 43.62702-71.34451
Meader'sCenter OssipeeKZ  NH73 43.79285-71.17729
August AcresCenter VillageKZ  OH17 40.16256-82.78184
Chapman Memorial FieldCenterburgKZ  OH71 40.29478-82.73129
Dillard RanchCentervilleKZ  TE01 31.3049-95.79662
Hickman County Health ServicesCentervilleKZ  TN22 35.78222-87.46361
Central Maine Of NorridgewockNorridgewock CenKZ OWK KOWK 44.715492-69.866461
CentennialCentennialKZ APA KAPA 39.570129-104.849294
Central Nebraska RgnlCentral NebraskaKGRI GRI GRI 40.967542-98.309639
Centerville MuniCenterville MuniKZ GHM KGHM 35.837429-87.445374
Central Colorado RgnlCent ColoradoKZ  KAEJ 38.814161-106.120694
Centralia MuniCentralia MuniKZ ENL KENL 38.515092-89.091136
Center MuniCenter MuniKZ  KF17 31.831583-94.156417
Central City MuniCentral CityKZ  07K 41.11668-98.05034
Hooterville SouthCentervilleKZ  0AR1 35.09467-93.20198
Central Illinois RgnlCent IllinoisKBMI BMI BMI 40.477111-88.915917
Century HelicoptersFort CollinsKZ  0CO7 40.58554-105.0397
HannenCenter PointKZ  0IA8 42.228-91.751
Spring BrookCentral SquareKZ  0NK1 43.36174-76.22021
HeadquartersCentreKZ  AL27 34.10565-85.5658
Centerville MuniCenterville MuniKZ  KTVK 40.683903-92.901033
Central Arkansas HospitalSearcyKZ  AR78 35.23342-91.73208
Central Valley Aviation IncSelmaKZ  CA40 36.52134-119.6701
Centennial Healthcare PlazaEnglewoodKZ  CD06 39.59443-104.8233
Hawkeye Hunting ClubCenterKZ  TX45 31.76683-97.12945
CentralCentralKZ  CEM 65.57381-144.7833
Century Equipment CompanyMurrayKZ  UT60 40.67856-111.903
CentrevilleCentrevilleKZ  VA16 38.87928-77.48444
Central Baptist Hospital HelistopLexingtonKZ  1KY4 38.01805-84.51195
SkyqueenCentraliaKZ  WA95 46.71861-122.9111
Collier/pine Barren AirparkCenturyKZ  FD89 30.82713-87.35831
Center Wheeling Parking GarageWheelingKZ  WV49 40.06007-80.72286
Piker-TooCentrevilleKZ  1MS9 31.01184-90.96815
Rathbun LakeCentervilleKZ  IA05 40.85168-92.85853
PentecostCentervilleKZ  12II 39.85616-84.97218
Central Jersey BankFreeholdKZ  24NJ 40.24456-74.28431
Moore RanchCentervilleKZ  24TA 31.21324-95.82745
Central Dupage HospitalWinfieldKZ  IS39 41.87447-88.15646
Transco Station SoshCentervilleKZ  JY23 40.52205-74.73183
Ashmore FieldCentertonKZ  2AR5 36.38306-94.29389
L C HickmanCentertonKZ  2AR8 36.35278-94.33305
Central Community HospitalElkaderKZ  2IA2 42.85748-91.41458
Central Farmers CoopMamouKZ  LA25 30.69742-92.41402
Central IndustriesIntracoastal CtyKZ  2LA0 29.78965-92.15652
Fletcher FieldCenterviewKZ  2MO0 38.79945-93.86417
Burns Point PlantCentervilleKZ  LS62 29.5716-91.53206
Ashland Landing FarmCentrevilleKZ  MD21 39.11806-76.09639
Center LbjBeverlyKZ  32OI 39.63729-81.62263
Centra State Medical CenterFreeholdKZ  33NJ 40.23706-74.31098
Century MineCentury MineYCNY   -18.753333138.706667
Folk PrivateCenterKZ  3NA3 47.20194-101.2521
Schubert AirstripCentervilleKZ  40WI 44.0583-91.4307
Central Washington HospitalWenatcheeKZ  41WA 47.40667-120.32
Centerville LakeCentervilleKZ  4MN1 45.1583-94.06693
Centro De Lancamento De AlcantaraLancamentoSB  SNCW -2.373-44.396389
Indian LakeCentral CityKZ  5G2 40.05424-78.84697
WarwickCentervilleKZ  5WA7 45.71651-120.9845
Central CountyIolaKZ  68C 44.50554-89.02511
Central State HospitalMilledgevilleKZ  6GA6 33.0232-83.20099
MathisCentraliaKZ  6IS3 38.50144-89.20007
Century CityLos AngelesKZ  70L 34.06084-118.4176
Center IslandCenter IslandKZ  78WA 48.4901-122.8321
Central District Police StationHialeahKZ  7FD3 25.85315-80.24699
Centennial Medical CenterNashvilleKZ  7TN2 36.15361-86.80889
Central Colorado RegionalBuena VistaKZ  7V1 38.81416-106.1207
AcmeCenterlineKZ  8MI2 42.47198-83.01103
St Mary's Hospital - CentraliaCentraliaKZ  98IL 38.53167-89.11945
Central Park HelistopOklahoma CityKZ  9OK8 35.53339-97.50032
Central MatildeCentral MatildeSVTJ   10.15675-68.860719
CentenaryCentenaryFVCN   -16.73410831.122006
Centenario Do SolCentenario Do SoSB  SSZS -22.498-51.362
Central BolivarCentral BolivarSV   8.55-71.56
Central MatildeCentral MatildeSV   10.096-68.506
Ciudad Obregon IntlCiudad ObregonMMCN CEN  27.392639-109.833111

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