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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
CityLondon CityEGLC LCY  51.5052780.055278
CityBelfast CityEGAC BHD  54.618056-5.8725
City CoCity CoKZ  KS33 44.670211-121.155158
City of BridgetonBridgetonKZ  NJ45 39.42789-75.23074
City Hall ComplexLas VegasKZ  NV52 36.17219-115.1406
City of Tulia/swisher County MuniTuliaKZ  Q06 34.56683-101.7815
City Of Las Animas Bent CoLas Animas CityKZ  K7V9 38.052784-103.237153
City Of Tulia Swisher Co MuniCity Of TuliaKZ  KI06 34.566825-101.781461
City Of Colorado Springs MuniColorado SpringsKCOS COS COS 38.805805-104.700778
City CountyCity CountyKZ  KGOP 31.421275-97.796967
CityVirginia BeachKZ  00VA 36.74598-76.05243
City-CountyGatesvilleKZ  05F 31.42128-97.79697
City of CoalgateCoalgateKZ  08F 34.53176-96.23306
City of PontiacPontiacKZ  0IL5 40.87642-88.607
Shepherd FieldCity of IndustryKZ  CA24 34.0139-118.0528
City HallRiversideKZ  CA78 33.97918-117.375
City of Fort WorthFort WorthKZ  TX85 32.77791-97.32502
CitabriairKanarravilleKZ  UT43 37.63609-113.2466
Paniola Air RanchCitraKZ  FD14 29.37525-82.05814
City Hospital, Inc.MartinsburgKZ  WV48 39.47676-77.98
City of GeneseoGeneseoKZ  24IL 41.4775-90.15778
Commerce Business ParkCity of CommerceKZ  2CL0 33.98668-118.1606
Citizens Medical CenterColumbiaKZ  LA23 32.07806-92.09417
City of Fort LauderdaleFort LauderdaleKZ  30FD 26.12398-80.14421
Citizens Bank HeadquartersLaurelKZ  MD37 39.08705-76.89719
Citizens Medical CenterVictoriaKZ  3XS2 28.81416-96.97637
City of Industry Civic Financial CenterCity of IndustryKZ  40CA 34.02446-117.9592
City National BankLos AngelesKZ  4CA1 34.04779-118.2545
City CentreToronto CityCYTZ YTZ  43.627499-79.396167
City HallLos AngelesKZ  59L 34.05418-118.2426
City of Clinton HospitalClintonKZ  5OK5 35.52505-98.99203
L A County Sheriff's DepartmentCity of IndustryKZ  7L5 34.00418-117.937
HaddicksCity of IndustryKZ  7L6 34.02806-117.9651
ShymkentShymkentUAII CIT  42.36416769.478889
City of FaithTulsaKZ  7OK7 36.04287-95.95333
Citrus Hedging RanchOkeechobeeKZ  96FD 27.33338-80.73617
Recreation And Conference CenterCity of IndustryKZ  9CA3 34.01973-117.9284
Thompson's Goinbroke Aero RanchCitraKZ  9FD5 29.38664-82.14288
City of Highland ParkHighland ParkKZ  9IL5 42.19889-87.82674

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