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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
CotabatoCotabatoRPMC CBO  7.165242124.209619
KembleCotswoldEGBP GBA  51.668056-2.056944
CottesmoreCottesmoreEGXJ   52.735711-0.648769
Cottontail RanchMelvilleKZ  MT36 46.13217-110.0471
Cotton StripLa BelleKZ  17FA 26.7134-81.53535
CottonwoodRockfordKZ  1C8 42.29169-89.13622
Cottonwood RanchMc LaughlinKZ  SD31 45.78694-101.0471
CooksCottonwoodKZ  SD66 43.97332-101.9515
Rancho EcantadoCotullaKZ  TA58 28.32139-99.45
Cotton PatchLexingtonKZ  TA75 30.38715-97.10499
Cottonpatch AerodromeFriscoKZ  TA77 33.14928-96.8989
Cottage Grove StateCottage GroveKZ  K61S 43.799844-123.028967
Cotulla Lasalle CoCotullaKZ COT KCOT 28.456694-99.220294
CottonwoodCottonwoodKZ  KP52 34.730022-112.03516
Cottonwood FieldSwinkKZ  09CO 38.05556-103.6533
CottonwoodLaurelKZ  0MT5 45.63417-108.8489
Rainey FieldCottondaleKZ  AL02 33.15012-87.44167
Mead Coated BoardCottontonKZ  AL13 32.17237-85.02882
Cottonwood MuniCottonwood MuniKZ  KS84 46.038769-116.331536
Marcus J Lawrence Medical CenterCottonwoodKZ  AZ22 34.73335-112.0296
Cotton PatchBolivarKZ  TN93 35.2823-89.02923
Flying N RanchCottonwoodKZ  CA04 40.34626-122.3389
Lowe AirstripCotopaxiKZ  CD01 38.39833-105.6203
CottinghamPine VillageKZ  1IN6 40.40167-87.22028
CottonwoodBloomingtonKZ  IL57 40.42198-89.02064
MaxCottonportKZ  LA48 30.99386-92.04456
Herradura LodgeCotullaKZ  37TA 28.18973-98.91697
CadjehounCotonouDBBB COO  6.3572282.384353
Gould StripCotullaKZ  46TA 28.12612-98.85974
Cotton FieldEadsKZ  4TN4 35.19-89.63861
Little Wheel FieldCottage GroveKZ  59WI 43.03389-89.19261
Coto 47Coto 47MRCC OTR  8.601556-82.968614
Cotopaxi IntlLatacungaSELT   -0.906833-78.615756
The ValleyCotterKZ  61AR 36.3084-92.53072
Cote D AzurNiceLFMN NCE  43.6584117.215872
CottonwoodLake ProvidenceKZ  6LA1 32.98401-91.20594
Cottbus DrewitzCottbus DrewitzEDCD CBU  51.88947514.531986
CotuitCotuitKZ  6MA6 41.61705-70.44308
Morris RanchCotullaKZ  79TA 28.16973-98.89002
Cotton FieldBroken ArrowKZ  84OL 36.11038-95.76554
Cottonwood FarmCrozetKZ  87VA 38.08111-78.69556
QualeCottage GroveKZ  87WI 43.01944-89.18539
Chase CountyCottonwood FallsKZ  9K0 38.35863-96.55445

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