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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
CardakDenizliLTAY DNZ  37.78556729.701297
Denison MuniDenison MuniKZ DNS KDNS 41.986433-95.380722
Twin City HospitalDennisonKZ  15OH 40.40229-81.33706
Dennis FarmsLaingsburgKZ  15W 42.89447-84.39025
Denton AirfieldDentonKZ  NE40 40.71584-96.86781
Dennis's Flying FarmCantonKZ  TA86 32.60596-95.93497
Denver IntlDenver IntlKDEN DEN DEN 39.861656-104.673178
Smither FieldDentonKZ  TE81 33.30972-97.09278
Dennis F Cantrell FldDennis F CantrelKZ CWS KCWS 35.080807-92.424961
Denton MuniDenton MuniKZ DTO KDTO 33.200722-97.197978
Denver Water DepartmentDenverKZ  04CO 39.72943-105.0094
Denver CityDenver CityKZ  KE57 32.975103-102.842153
DenaliMc Kinley ParkKZ  AK06 63.6451-148.7981
Denton Regional Medical Ctr - Flow CampusDentonKZ  TS58 33.21901-97.14696
Texoma Medical CenterDenisonKZ  TS84 33.76625-96.55011
Kidd-PrivateDenisonKZ  TX12 33.80844-96.6086
Denton Community HospitalDentonKZ  TX50 33.21633-97.16467
General Mail FacilityDenverKZ  CO01 39.79054-104.9019
St Anthony Hospital CentralDenverKZ  CO04 39.74249-105.0466
University HospitalDenverKZ  CO29 39.73193-104.938
Gates Rubber CoDenverKZ  CO30 39.69804-104.9872
Rose Medical CenterDenverKZ  CO31 39.73304-104.9339
CapriDenverKZ  CO32 39.85276-104.9766
St Lukes HospitalDenverKZ  CO34 39.74721-104.9805
Denver HealthDenverKZ  CO35 39.72749-104.9908
St Joseph HospitalDenverKZ  CO37 39.74582-104.9689
Denver Federal Center HelistopDenverKZ  CO39 39.72332-105.1108
VtolDenverKZ  CO40 39.74276-104.9936
Denver Police Department-District 3DenverKZ  CO41 39.68749-104.9597
Kusa HelistopDenverKZ  CO88 39.7211-104.9828
Denver ArtccLongmontKZ  CO99 40.18721-105.1266
Road Commission Nr 1DenaliKZ  0Z2 63.10816-147.532
Denio JunctionDenioKZ  E85 41.95406-118.631
Channel 7DenverKZ  11CO 39.72527-104.9839
Two LeggsDenver CityKZ  1TA5 32.94177-103.0005
Dentonio RanchCarrizo SpringsKZ  1TS6 28.26944-99.9345
PodellDenhamKZ  IN76 41.12643-86.69334
DenbyCarlinvilleKZ  IS01 39.26894-89.90399
Presbyterian/st Luke's Med CtrDenverKZ  2CO4 39.74943-104.9694
Dennis F Cantrell FieldConwayKZ  M03 35.08081-92.42496
Myska FieldDentonKZ  2TS0 33.15567-97.13807
Gary FieldDentonKZ  MD41 38.89833-75.91055
DeniliquinDeniliquinYDLQ DNQ  -35.559444144.946389
Hartlee FieldDentonKZ  3XS0 33.26845-97.07112
Windy HillDentonKZ  46XS 33.31123-97.10445
Denver of The EastDenverKZ  4NC9 35.49347-80.96563
Warschun RanchDentonKZ  4TA1 33.30289-97.1114
The Children's HospitalDenverKZ  57CO 39.73332-104.9672
DentonDentonKZ  5U0 47.3208-109.9419
DenainValenciennesLFAV   50.3258083.461264
Porter Memorial HospitalDenverKZ  69CO 39.67082-104.9755
Dileo FieldDentonKZ  6MD1 38.83639-75.90639
DenhamDenhamEGLD   51.352-0.3086
Dennis RanchGradyKZ  7OK0 34.03176-97.6778
Mc Keon AviationDenisonKZ  8F8 33.73427-96.62666
Police HeadquartersDenverKZ  9CO0 39.73749-104.9922
G W FarmDentonKZ  9MD9 38.85195-75.68929

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