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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
Miami UniversityMiami UniversityKZ OXD KOXD 39.502261-84.784381
Miami CoMiami CoKZ  KK81 38.540622-94.920481
Miami MuniMiami MuniKZ MIO KMIO 36.909222-94.8875
Sycamore HospitalMiamisburgKZ  OH31 39.50423-84.24744
Miami HeraldMiamiKZ  1FD5 25.78815-80.18533
Miami IntlMiami IntlKMIA MIA MIA 25.79325-80.290556
Kendall Tamiami ExecutiveMiami TamiamiKZ TMB KTMB 25.647889-80.432777
Miami Roberts CoMiami Roberts CoKZ  K3E0 35.713933-100.603192
Miami Valley HospitalDaytonKZ  00OI 39.74534-84.18744
AventuraN Miami BeachKZ  05FD 25.96093-80.13921
Doral Resort & Country ClubMiamiKZ  0FA0 25.81288-80.33894
Southeast Bank Operns CenterMiamiKZ  0FA2 25.78176-80.2131
Pro Player StadiumMiamiKZ  0FD2 25.95981-80.23699
Lindbergh's LandingMiamiKZ  FA35 25.61953-80.48867
Miami Childrens HospitalMiamiKZ  FA76 25.74316-80.29617
Fisher IslandMiamiKZ  FD23 25.76417-80.13866
MjdMiamiKZ  FL31 25.55455-80.55395
Wsvn Television Channel 7MiamiKZ  FL83 25.85037-80.15449
Intra Coastal Police Sub-StationN Miami BeachKZ  FL87 25.91704-80.14977
Mount Sinai Medical CenterMiami BeachKZ  FL93 25.81565-80.14143
Florida Power & Light CoMiamiKZ  FL94 25.76704-80.34978
Kelly Tractor CoMiamiKZ  FL98 25.82732-80.33366
MiamiMiamiKZ  X44 25.77833-80.17028
MiamiMiamiKZ  X48 25.78528-80.17861
Miami Valley FarmFort ValleyKZ  GA99 32.54876-83.80185
MiamiHomesteadKZ  22FD 25.609-80.47589
Doral Ocean Beach ResortMiami BeachKZ  23FA 25.82565-80.12115
Jackson Memorial HospitalMiamiKZ  25FA 25.79288-80.20477
Kendall District StationMiamiKZ  2FA0 25.69566-80.38144
Burrs StripMiamiKZ  14FA 25.57011-80.39978
Willis N ClarkMiamiKZ  5TE8 35.76115-100.7518
Old 66 StripMiamiKZ  70OK 36.83368-94.90412
Miami Federal Reserve BankMiamiKZ  71FL 25.8076-80.342
Parkway Regional Medical CenterN Miami BeachKZ  87FL 25.93148-80.20366
Baptist Regional Health CenterMiamiKZ  8OK8 36.8834-94.88357
Baptist HospitalMiamiKZ  9FA8 25.66705-80.33311
Miami ValleyTroyKZ  9OH5 40.04812-83.22713

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