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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
Peachtree City Falcon FldFalcon FldKZ FFC KFFC 33.35725-84.571833
Peaslees AirstripClarksboroKZ  NJ25 39.78928-75.22907
Pearson's FarmSpartanburgKZ  SC40 35.05734-81.94482
Skyway ManorPearlandKZ  T79 29.55579-95.328
Pease Intl TradeportPortsmouthKPSM PSM PSM 43.077944-70.823278
Frio Regional HospitalPearsallKZ  TE98 28.89722-99.11723
Pearson FldPearson FldKZ  KVUO 45.620453-122.65649
Peabody Bedard FldBedard FldKZ  38AZ 36.471664-110.41792
M D K FieldPearlandKZ  03TX 29.58162-95.30716
Pearland RgnlPearland RgnlKZ  KLVJ 29.521278-95.242139
Peacock RanchEnterpriseKZ  05OR 45.44154-117.351
Pearce FieldParsonsKZ  0KS8 37.3825-95.37473
Pearson FieldBigelowKZ  AR13 34.9862-92.6335
183 MilePeach SpringsKZ  AZ12 36.10831-113.2133
Grand Canyon West-2Peach SpringsKZ  AZ35 36.04804-113.8583
Grand Canyon West-1Peach SpringsKZ  AZ36 36.0261-113.828
GulfcoastPearlandKZ  TS45 29.57662-95.33299
Peace And Plenty FarmOnancockKZ  VA92 37.72235-75.78577
Peach OrchardArcherKZ  FL66 29.55969-82.49955
Peach StateWilliamsonKZ  GA2 33.18345-84.37159
A&a Flying ServicePearlandKZ  XS39 29.53634-95.2641
Agricultural SuppliesPearsallKZ  XS42 28.92941-99.08031
PearlandPearlandKZ  29TE 29.55864-95.28081
Pearce FerryMeadviewKZ  L25 36.0936-114.0463
Grand Canyon CavernsPeach SpringsKZ  L37 35.52833-113.2474
PearcePearceYPEA   -31.667778116.015
PeacockGarnerKZ  4NC7 35.69627-78.53751
Peace Harbor HospitalFlorenceKZ  4OR9 43.97401-124.1173
Pea PatchHempsteadKZ  4TA4 29.93911-96.05968
Peace RiverPeace RiverCYPE YPE  56.226944-117.447222
Giles Memorial HospitalPearisburgKZ  55VA 37.32235-80.72313
Pearson Ranch PrivateYoakumKZ  5TA3 29.35858-97.14471
Pea Patch AerodromeBlytheKZ  61GA 33.30181-82.17234
Peacock FarmsFairmountKZ  64IN 40.43476-85.62553
BradairPearlandKZ  66TA 29.59051-95.28299
Peavy FarmsHavanaKZ  76FD 30.67047-84.41407
Club House Nr 1PearlandKZ  7TA2 29.56329-95.24966
Pearce IndustriesHoustonKZ  7XS9 29.65023-95.46049
BlockPearl CityKZ  88LL 42.19169-89.83817
Joe RyePearlandKZ  89XS 29.58523-95.30355
PeakviewYoderKZ  97CO 38.92499-104.1589
Peacock Willow CreekBurlesonKZ  99TA 32.49403-97.36974
Pear GroveAuburnKZ  9MI2 43.60058-84.1261

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