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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
PiteaPiteaESNP   65.39833321.260833
PitnyakPitnyakUT  UT1E 41.12441161.4153
Seboomook Forestry District HeadquartersPittston FarmKZ  ME72 45.88337-69.98284
CianbroPittsfieldKZ  ME78 44.7834-69.37283
AlexandriaPittstownKZ  N85 40.58757-75.01942
Pitt County Memorial HospitalGreenvilleKZ  NC91 35.60861-77.4075
BrokenstrawPittsfieldKZ  P15 41.83256-79.36116
Shadyside Health Education & Research CorpPittsburghKZ  PA16 40.45507-79.94033
Mercy HospitalPittsburghKZ  PN23 40.43535-79.98505
St Clair Memorial HospitalPittsburghKZ  PN26 40.3784-80.06506
600 Grant Street RooftopPittsburghKZ  PN78 40.44201-79.99533
Passavant HospitalPittsburghKZ  PN79 40.00952-80.00005
West Penn HospitalPittsburghKZ  PN80 40.46201-79.94477
ConsolPittsburghKZ  PS04 40.34785-80.05811
Children's HospitalPittsburghKZ  PS78 40.44229-79.96005
Mt Carmel Medical CenterPittsburgKZ  SN50 37.38033-94.68523
Pitcock Rosillos Mountain RanchPitcock RosillosKZ  09TS 29.482419-103.164892
Pittsfield MuniPittsfield MuniKZ PSF KPSF 42.426844-73.292928
Pittsburgh IntlPittsburgh IntlKPIT PIT PIT 40.491467-80.232872
Pittsfield Penstone MuniPittsfield PenstKZ  KPPQ 39.638856-90.778431
Pitt GreenvillePitt GreenvilleKZ PGV KPGV 35.635239-77.385319
Atkinson MuniPittsburgKZ PTS KPTS 37.44945-94.731119
Pittsfield MuniPittsfield MuniKZ  K2B7 44.768528-69.374417
Advance Materials CorpPittsfieldKZ  21MA 42.45536-73.20232
Dunbar FieldPittsboroKZ  II91 39.84393-86.50527
Sony MusicPitmanKZ  27NJ 39.74817-75.12795
Illini Community HospitalPittsfieldKZ  IS44 39.60727-90.81402
PitcairnBryn AthynKZ  3PS1 40.12594-75.07878
Allegheny General Hospital EmergencyPittsburghKZ  42PN 40.4509-80.00061
St Margaret Memorial HospitalPittsburghKZ  46PA 40.48951-79.89449
Pittsburgh-MonroevilleMonroevilleKZ  4G0 40.45229-79.77477
Pitts FieldWanetteKZ  4OK6 34.98952-97.0253
Pitt MeadowsPitt MeadowsCYPK YPK  49.21611-122.71
PitalitoPitalitoSKPI PTX  1.857769-76.085719
St Francis Medical CenterPittsburghKZ  5PS3 40.46646-79.95283
Ski HarborPittsburgKZ  67MO 37.81087-93.36992
Davis AirstripPittsvilleKZ  6MD8 38.44234-75.40325
PituMorotai PituWAMR   2.045992128.324708
PithorgarhPithorgarhVIDF   29.59363980.239222
Flying JPitchinKZ  79OI 39.81728-83.75576
Shadyside Health Edu & Research Corp.PittsburghKZ  7PA8 40.45507-79.94033
WpxiPittsburghKZ  83PN 40.46332-80.00464
PithiviersPithiviersLFFP   48.0932.1136
Dead DogPittsboroKZ  8NC4 35.72987-79.3128
SchusterPittsfieldKZ  9LL6 39.59949-90.83124
Eagles LandingPittsboroKZ  9NC8 35.68689-79.2188

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