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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
Provideniya BayProvideniya BayUHMD PVS  64.378139-173.243306
ProvidencialesProvidencialesMBPV PLS  21.773625-72.265886
PropwashPropwashKZ  16XS 33.080677-97.358889
Cavage Personal UsePromptonKZ  15PA 41.59425-75.35545
LennartsonProctorKZ  MN92 46.74994-92.30019
AknuxProsserKZ  NE38 40.70946-98.56007
Providence HospitalSanduskyKZ  OH87 41.437-82.7124
PropstAlbanyKZ  OR19 44.63873-123.0234
BrandonProspectKZ  PN85 40.87645-80.03311
Prospect CreekProspect CreekKZ  PPC 66.81288-150.6438
H. Chambers CadillacProvidenceKZ  RI14 41.79232-71.41728
One Hospital TrustProvidenceKZ  RI15 41.82538-71.41006
Capital CenterProvidenceKZ  RI22 41.82899-71.41367
Rhode Island HospitalProvidenceKZ  RI25 41.81066-71.40894
Downtown Providence HelistopProvidenceKZ  RI9 41.82417-71.40861
Providence HospitalColumbiaKZ  SC77 34.0146-81.01204
ProgresoProgresoKZ  TS05 26.083689-97.950281
Provincetown MuniProvincetownKZ PVC KPVC 42.071945-70.22139
Providence Webster CoProvidence WebstKZ  K8M9 37.424767-87.736122
Provo MuniProvo MuniKPVU PVU KPVU 40.219194-111.723361
Prospect StateProspect StateKZ  K64S 42.743183-122.488092
Providence Seward Medical CenterSewardKZ  01AK 60.10528-149.4431
ProvidenceFarmvilleKZ  05VA 37.22417-78.41861
Theodore Francis Green StateProvidenceKPVD PVD PVD 41.732581-71.420383
BurkeProspectKZ  0CT4 41.50621-72.93983
Pro Player StadiumMiamiKZ  0FD2 25.95981-80.23699
PropstPropstKZ  NC19 35.391806-80.575622
Providence HospitalMedfordKZ  0OR0 42.33874-122.8623
Providence HospitalAnchorageKZ  AK38 61.19361-149.8236
Providence HospitalMobileKZ  AL82 30.67936-88.2
ProsserProsserKZ  KS40 46.213361-119.791375
Providence HospitalEverettKZ  1WA4 47.97621-122.2157
Proctor Community HospitalPeoriaKZ  2IS1 40.75059-89.59454
Doering's PortProphetstownKZ  LL61 41.68559-89.90261
Prospect HillWalthamKZ  MA92 42.39787-71.25784
Providence Medical CenterPortlandKZ  34OR 45.52818-122.612
Pronger Bros RanchStratfordKZ  3E7 36.21947-102.1041
Proserpine Whitsunday CoastProserpineYBPN PPP  -20.495148.552222
Western Div Service CenterProgressKZ  3OR6 45.454-123.1554
Professional Arts BuildingNew AlbanyKZ  41IN 38.30028-85.83583
Pleasure FieldProsperKZ  47TA 33.25595-96.88528
PropriaPropriaSB  SNOP -10.267222-36.833611
Professor Urbano Ernesto StumpfSao Jose D CampoSBSJ SJK  -23.229172-45.861508
ProvostProvostCY  CEH6 52.338056-110.278889
HeffernanProspectvilleKZ  5PS8 40.1965-75.17684
ProprianoProprianoLFKO PRP  41.6605588.889747
ProvenceMarseilleLFML MRS  43.4355555.213611
Promise Land AirparkMidwayKZ  6AR4 36.42812-92.51988
Providence/st Margaret FldKansas CityKZ  6KS9 39.12695-94.78774
Providence Health CenterWacoKZ  7TX1 31.51406-97.20029
Prosser HospitalProsserKZ  7WA6 46.20819-119.7636
Mc Whorter RanchProsserKZ  7WA7 46.32069-119.6178
Prospect PeakTexas CreekKZ  8CO1 38.47778-105.5211
Kathy's PatchProsperityKZ  93MO 37.10895-94.4055
Providence Medical PlazaYakimaKZ  99WA 46.59639-120.5211
ProstejovProstejovLKPJ   49.26917.08

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