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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
RustenburgRustenburgFARG   -25.644327.271119
Russian MissionRussian MissionPA  PRSH 61.774892-161.3194
Rushford MuniRushford MuniKZ  K55Y 43.815826-91.830094
Rusk CountyLadysmithKZ RCX KRCX 45.496836-91.000456
Russellville MuniRussellvilleKZ  KM22 34.445347-87.711294
Rush CoRush CoKZ  KK94 38.548347-99.288714
RohwerRushmoreKZ  MN96 43.5983-95.81696
Boll Brothers AirstripRussellKZ  NA03 48.67252-100.8582
Bahia BeachRuskinKZ  18FL 27.72975-82.47537
RussellCanajoharieKZ  NY51 42.87008-74.49931
RataiczakRussellKZ  OI62 41.47644-81.31705
RussJacksonKZ  OI82 38.91216-82.72489
Russell LandsOur TownKZ  1AL3 32.79583-85.975
Russian MissionRussian MissionKZ  RSH 61.77967-161.3195
RussellHolly HillKZ  SC17 33.35794-80.45982
RushmoreKeystoneKZ  SD70 43.88723-103.4258
Russellville RgnlRussellvilleKZ  KRUE 35.259147-93.093267
Russellville Logan CoRussellvilleKZ  K4M7 36.799917-86.810167
Rusk CoRusk CoKZ  KF12 32.141722-94.851722
Rush City RgnlRush City RgnlKZ  KROS 45.698013-92.952988
Russell MuniRussell MuniKZ RSL KRSL 38.872122-98.811775
Ruston RgnlRuston RgnlKZ RSN KRSN 32.514446-92.591667
Rustic WildernessWillowKZ  02AK 61.87531-150.0947
Russell FldNorthumberlandKZ  0NY1 43.13924-73.65318
Russell CoRussell CoKZ  KK24 37.009697-85.102736
AnoRussellvilleKZ  AR86 35.30814-93.22434
Russells RanchAnnonaKZ  TX19 33.53622-94.90716
Breezy KnollRustburgKZ  VA13 37.26542-79.0428
Rush RiverBaldwinKZ  WI29 44.90552-92.48353
Rusmar FarmsRobertsKZ  WS41 45.01219-92.55131
Church's LandingRushvilleKZ  1MU8 39.55416-94.99861
Foster FieldRushsylvaniaKZ  1OH2 40.47505-83.67632
Russell W Anderson StripRiversideKZ  ID12 43.18436-112.4664
Cable's CornersRushKZ  22CO 38.83565-104.1351
DurhamRussellvilleKZ  II68 39.85505-86.95918
Rust's LandingBourbonKZ  II95 41.36449-86.06333
High MesaRushKZ  23CO 38.84386-103.9899
Stevens FarmsRushvilleKZ  IN05 39.66056-85.54833
Rush StripPeruKZ  IN34 40.83449-86.05222
RussellDonovanKZ  IS52 40.92781-87.62254
RushSeveranceKZ  2KS1 39.77444-95.25108
Russell ParadiseElmendorfKZ  2TX1 29.22524-98.38362
Russell Mill PondPlymouthKZ  MA78 41.91788-70.62781
RussellBattletownKZ  3KY6 38.03056-86.23167
Rubbert AerialRussellKZ  3ND8 48.66279-100.8304
Rust AirstripWoolseyKZ  3RU 33.33261-84.40187
Rusk County MemorialLadysmithKZ  42WI 45.45441-91.11015
RushWest LafayetteKZ  44IN 40.49976-86.95501
Ami St Mary's Regional Medical CenterRussellvilleKZ  4AR0 35.2837-93.15045
RussasRussasSB  SNRS -4.947267-38.008219
Russo AirstripPipersvilleKZ  4PA8 40.43288-75.14962
Russ BeachRuss BeachCYSH YSH  44.945833-75.940556
RussellRussellCY  CJW5 50.765833-101.295
Schuy-RushRushvilleKZ  5K4 40.11755-90.59041
Shield FarmRussellKZ  5PA6 41.93117-79.14671
Russell FarmsNew BostonKZ  69LL 41.28698-91.04876
McminnRushvilleKZ  6IN8 39.52866-85.33333
Scandia Air ParkRussellKZ  6PA4 41.93061-79.03421
SkyviewRushKZ  84NY 42.98618-77.6125
Bean LakeRushvilleKZ  8MO7 39.49166-95.00663
Rust FieldWaringKZ  8XS9 29.95716-98.79059
KakoRussian MissionKZ  9AK2 61.89889-161.438
Rush Meml HospitalRushvilleKZ  9II5 39.62255-85.44331
Rush FieldGeneseoKZ  9KS5 38.57779-98.10033

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