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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
Spala Glinnik NowySpala GlinnikEP  EP63 51.58388120.096515
Sparrevohn LRRSSparrevohn LRRSPASV SVW PSVW 61.097369-155.574228
Sparta Community Hunter FldSparta CommunityKZ  KSAR 38.148939-89.698711
Space Coast RgnlTitusvilleKTIX TIX TIX 28.5148-80.799228
Spanish SpringsRenoKZ  N86 39.66658-119.7232
GlaserSpaldingKZ  NE85 41.68723-98.30257
Air SailingSparksKZ  NV23 39.87213-119.701
Justover FieldSparksKZ  NV44 39.75519-119.5993
PalominoSparksKZ  NV47 39.83324-119.6821
Northern Nevada Medical CenterSparksKZ  NV69 39.50547-119.6927
SpanawaySpanawayKZ  S44 47.08688-122.4314
Pearson's FarmSpartanburgKZ  SC40 35.05734-81.94482
Milliken & CoSpartanburgKZ  SC54 34.98679-81.95344
Sparrevohn LrrsSparrevohnKZ  SVW 61.09737-155.5742
Spanish Fork SpringvilleSpanish ForkKZ  KU77 40.141621-111.661311
Spanish PeaksSpanish PeaksKZ  K4V1 37.696639-104.783806
SpauldingSpauldingKZ  K1Q2 40.650306-120.768508
Spartanburg Downtown MemSpartanburgKSPA  SPA 34.915722-81.9565
Spangle FieldSpangleKZ  03WA 47.40823-117.3719
Mc KaySpaldingKZ  05NE 41.72223-98.30896
Sparta Fort Mc CoySparta Ft Mc CoyKZ CMY KCMY 43.958347-90.737897
NicholsSpartansburgKZ  0PN5 41.77922-79.59838
Sparks Regional Medical CenterFort SmithKZ  AR40 35.37704-94.42021
White County Community HospitalSpartaKZ  TN88 35.94944-85.47806
Paradise Air RanchSpangleKZ  WA62 47.47073-117.4191
SpadaroEast MorichesKZ  1N2 40.82788-72.74871
Hancock Memorial HospitalSpartaKZ  28GA 33.2682-82.97182
Gibb RanchSparksKZ  2NV2 39.83472-119.6747
Shady AcresSpanawayKZ  3B8 47.07039-122.3711
MaxwellSpartaKZ  3NC7 36.51929-81.13676
Spanish CaySpanish CayMYAX   26.950286-77.543797
Leigh FarmSparlandKZ  4IS8 40.02172-89.5501
Ozark's Flying PatchSpartaKZ  54MO 37.00144-92.94045
SpanglerMantenoKZ  58IL 41.23837-87.85949
Sparwood Elk ValleySparwood ElkCYSW   49.833332-114.883333
Spangdahlem ABSpangdahlem ABETAD SPM  49.9726676.6925
SpartiSpartiLGSP SPJ  36.97389222.526292
Spanish OaksLittle ElmKZ  76TX 33.14734-96.97584
Spa (La Sauveniere)SpaEBSP SPA  50.295.5446
Paul C. Miller-SpartaSpartaKZ  8D4 43.12861-85.6769
Spanish PointSpanish PointEISP   52.51-9.25
HindmanSpartaKZ  9MO5 37.06116-93.09935
Spanishtown Virgin GordaSpanishtown VirgTUPW VIJ  18.269-64.257

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