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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
Kimberling AirwaysKimberling CityKZ  MO64 36.60979-93.44463
Berlin Station Lndg StripDelawareKZ  OH57 40.25895-83.01185
Circle W AirfieldEast BerlinKZ  PA72 39.95871-76.97081
Ben's LandingEast BerlinKZ  PA89 39.95898-77.0497
Cibolo Sea-Willo AirparkNew BerlinKZ  TE67 29.42912-98.13168
Heritage AirfieldNew BerlinKZ  TE86 29.44444-98.11278
Berlin MuniBerlin MuniKZ BML KBML 44.575372-71.175931
Berlin FairgroundsBerlinKZ  01CT 41.62729-72.72746
ZinkBerlinKZ  03WI 44.02748-88.88094
Oberlin MuniOberlin MuniKZ OIN KOIN 39.833917-100.539333
Berlin ArmoryBerlinKZ  VT07 44.22089-72.56567
TimberlineScandinaviaKZ  WI47 44.43331-89.15012
Broken PropBerlinKZ  WI55 43.98609-88.98345
BerlinOceanwayKZ  FL21 30.46302-81.6151
Iberlin RanchBillKZ  WY02 43.19164-104.938
Iberlin StripSavagetonKZ  WY22 43.94998-105.9339
Iberlin StripSussexKZ  WY23 44.07331-106.2659
Springfield Southwest AirparkNew BerlinKZ  IL97 39.737-89.80983
BerlingMooresvilleKZ  IN22 39.60366-86.44167
Berlin Lndg AreaBerlinKZ  MA19 42.36759-71.64173
Berlin FieldBerlinKZ  31WN 43.99165-88.96262
Dechant FarmsOberlinKZ  48OH 41.25422-82.1971
Bunting's FieldBerlinKZ  4MD1 38.36817-75.23074
Sauers-HavenNew BerlinKZ  4PA1 40.88389-76.98
TegelBerlin TegelEDDT TXL  52.55968613.287711
Berlin BrandenburgSchonefeldEDDB BER  52.38000113.5225
Smith RlaNew BerlinKZ  6LL5 39.78949-89.99122
North ViewBerlinKZ  78PA 39.93203-78.95669
R & D Aerial SprayingOberlinKZ  7KS8 39.83056-100.581
Circle CBerlin CenterKZ  89OI 41.03895-80.98398
FakenNew BerlinKZ  9WI4 42.97863-88.13481

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