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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
ButuanButuanRPME BXU  8.951322125.477972
Butte ValleyButte ValleyKZ  KA32 41.887236-121.975594
Butler Choctaw CoButler ChoctawKZ  K09A 32.119314-88.127464
Butler MuniButler MuniKZ  K6A1 32.567644-84.250747
Butterworth HospitalGrand RapidsKZ  MI97 42.96947-85.66559
Smith FieldButteKZ  MT12 45.93854-112.5642
Flying Arrow RanchButteKZ  MT21 45.90158-112.5495
Hawk's NestButlerKZ  OH42 40.54006-82.39378
ButzAllentownKZ  PA27 40.60426-75.56213
Butler Memorial HospitalButlerKZ  PA41 40.86666-79.88139
ButtonGreat BendKZ  SN67 38.38335-98.75036
Bert MooneyButte MooneyKBTM BTM BTM 45.954806-112.497472
Butts AAFButts AAFKFCS FCS FCS 38.678394-104.756581
Butler Co K W Scholter FldButlerKZ BTP KBTP 40.776925-79.949725
Butler Co RgnlButler Co RgnlKZ HAO KHAO 39.36375-84.521956
Hutchinson Muni Butler FldButler FldKZ HCD KHCD 44.859878-94.382506
Elk Hills ButtonwillowButtonwillow ElkKZ  KL62 35.352739-119.478731
Butte MuniPalmerKZ  AK1 61.52974-149.0197
Butler MemButler MemKZ BUM KBUM 38.289769-94.340128
HarroldButlerKZ  B25 41.47616-84.90607
Butte Creek Hog RanchChicoKZ  CL90 39.68877-121.7839
ButlerPine BluffsKZ  WY19 41.10582-104.2075
ButlerShermanKZ  11TX 33.66677-96.69055
Kline FieldButlerKZ  II02 41.3856-84.8269
Oerke EnterprisesButlerKZ  23MO 38.22002-94.49606
Mc Croskey FieldButlervilleKZ  12XS 34.95472-91.83722
Butler FldRockvilleKZ  IN46 39.73893-87.21946
Tinsley AirstripButlerKZ  MD17 39.51677-76.73303
Butler Farm ShowButlerKZ  3G9 40.85257-79.97478
Keener FieldButlerKZ  40II 41.35144-84.8169
Butch's StripSt JosephKZ  44MO 39.70972-94.80219
Butler AirparkRose HillKZ  4KS7 37.55891-97.06504
Buttonville MuniButtonville MuniCYKZ YKZ  43.862221-79.37
Buta ZegaButa ZegaFZKJ BZU  2.81834724.793706
Greuter FieldButlerKZ  69II 41.36945-84.87889
Butler AviationKenaiKZ  6AK3 60.72944-151.2781
Butter Valley Golf PortBallyKZ  7N8 40.39816-75.56435
Butgenbach (Elsenborn)ElsenbornEBLB   50.296.1106
Bates County HospitalButlerKZ  81MO 38.24833-94.34222
Butte AeroButteKZ  84U 45.95332-112.4972
ButzweilerhoButzweilerhoEDCU   50.5936.5366
Butler Hill RlaWest BrooklynKZ  8IL3 41.73806-89.1625
ButtwilButtwilLSZU   47.168.1826
ButaritariButaritariNGTU BBG  3.05172.49
ButareButareHRYI BTQ  -2.59583329.736667
ButterworthButterworthWMKB BWH  5.465917100.391167

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