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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
Cape Town IntlCape Town IntlFACT CPT  -33.96480618.601667
Cape Lisburne LRRSCape LisburnePALU LUR PLUR 68.875133-166.110022
Cape Romanzof LRRSCape RomanzofPACZ CZF PCZF 61.780297-166.038747
Cape Newenham LRRSCape NewenhamPAEH EHM PEHM 58.646428-162.062778
St Francis HospitalCape GirardeauKZ  MO50 37.31055-89.57528
Southeast Mo HospitalCape GirardeauKZ  MU10 37.31061-89.54065
Cape Fear Valley Medical CenterFayettevilleKZ  NC83 35.0335-78.93725
Stone Harbor Golf ClubCape May Crt HseKZ  NJ08 39.10678-74.80795
Cape May CgasCape MayKZ  NMK 38.94539-74.88295
John Gonzales FieldCape VincentKZ  NY69 44.12005-76.30133
Cape Canaveral HospitalCocoa BeachKZ  1FL8 28.36111-80.62222
Cape Canaveral Afs Skid StripCape CanaveralKXMR  XMR 28.467586-80.566614
Cape Blanco StateCape BlancoKZ  K5S6 42.857886-124.517608
Cape SimpsonCape SimpsonKZ  0AK2 71.05878-154.7506
Cape Girardeau RgnlCape GirardeauKCGI CGI CGI 37.225317-89.570753
Cape May CoCape May CoKWWD WWD WWD 39.008507-74.908275
Cape Decision C. G.Cape DecisionKZ  CDE 56.00211-134.1353
Point FarmCape CharlesKZ  VA84 37.30986-76.01577
StarbaseCape CharlesKZ  VG09 37.22778-75.98333
Scott Farm StripCape CharlesKZ  VG30 37.22709-75.97688
Bull FarmCape CharlesKZ  VG33 37.15459-75.95687
Cape Spencer C.g.Cape SpencerKZ  CSP 58.19907-136.6388
Cape Romanzof LrrsCape RomanzofKZ  CZF 61.7803-166.0387
Cape Newenham LrrsCape NewenhamKZ  EHM 58.64643-162.0628
Cape Coral HospitalCape CoralKZ  FD66 26.63841-81.94147
Cape SabineCape BeaufortKZ  Z53 69.02435-163.8573
Cape PoleCape PoleKZ  Z71 55.96629-133.7967
Cape SarichefCape SarichefKZ  26AK 54.58243-164.9145
Burdette Tomlin Memorial HospitalCape May Crt HseKZ  26NJ 39.08611-74.81667
Cape CodMarston MillsKZ  2B1 41.68761-70.40363
CapenMecostaKZ  2MI9 43.62419-85.31782
Cape Lisburne LrrsCape LisburneKZ  LUR 68.87513-166.11
Capella, QLDCapellaYCEL   -23.1000166666667148.03335
Triple MCape CarteretKZ  4NC5 34.73044-77.05051
Cape DorsetCape DorsetCYTE YTE  64.23-76.526667
Bokeelia HelistopCape CoralKZ  5FD8 26.67063-82.13593
St James HelistopCape CoralKZ  5FD9 26.51147-82.08842
Antonio Roldan BetancourtCaperaSKLC APO  7.811956-76.716428
Star Hill Golf ClubCape CarteretKZ  60NC 34.70516-77.05106
CapelettiHialeahKZ  84FL 25.92537-80.29977
CapelinhaCapelinhaSB  SNKP -17.41-42.32

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