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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
Comandante Fap German Arias GrazianiAntaSPHZ ATA  -9.347444-77.598392
Community Health Center of Branch CoColdwaterKZ  MI85 41.93755-84.98802
Community Memorial HospitalWinonaKZ  MN39 44.03246-91.6232
Compressor Station 2207AdaKZ  MY30 47.24025-96.52563
Comfort AirparkComfortKZ  17TE 29.92911-98.94032
Comanche County Meml HospitalLawtonKZ  18OK 34.61007-98.43256
Compressor Station Nr 10KentKZ  OR87 45.12902-120.6153
Commonwealth Security SystemsLancasterKZ  PA12 40.04232-76.3883
Community Memorial HospitalRedfieldKZ  SD45 44.8712-98.5212
Comanche RanchComanche RanchKZ  5TE0 28.628036-100.158956
Paintsville Prestonsburg Combs FldCombs FldKZ  9KY9 37.745928-82.77905
Comanche CoComanche CoKZ  K3K8 37.228081-99.330948
Compton WoodleyCompton WoodleyKZ CPM KCPM 33.890015-118.24368
Comanche Caves RanchComanche CavesKZ  4TA6 30.022433-99.383658
Commerce MuniCommerce MuniKZ  K2F7 33.292889-95.896417
Comanche Co CityComanche Co CityKZ  KMKN 31.916813-98.600325
Community Hospital of De QueenDe QueenKZ  01AR 34.04734-94.35493
Community HospitalAndersonKZ  01IN 40.13087-85.69581
Compaq AndoverAndoverKZ  01MA 42.62509-71.18007
Doug Bolton FieldCommerceKZ  02GA 34.20261-83.42905
Hyde RanchComstockKZ  03NE 41.5464-99.33121
Community Medical Center NapScrantonKZ  0PA8 41.4-75.63528
Commander Airpark IncWilsonvilleKZ  AL17 33.234-86.51304
Community HospitalTallasseeKZ  AL83 32.53402-85.91135
Coleman MuniColeman MuniKZ COM KCOM 31.841139-99.403611
Robertson RanchComstockKZ  0TE0 29.69299-101.1618
Commonwealth Health CenterGarapanKZ  C21 15.20972145.7214
BressonComptonKZ  C82 41.76253-89.10148
CommodoreSan FranciscoKZ  CA30 37.81076-122.4147
Community HospitalMissouri CityKZ  TS86 29.56273-95.56411
Community Memorial HospitalVenturaKZ  CA72 34.27472-119.2569
Comanche Airfield LlcStrasburgKZ  CO38 39.7472-104.313
Bulk Mail CenterCommerce CityKZ  CO83 39.80026-104.9008
Comanche Springs RanchStrasburgKZ  CO97 39.72081-104.3231
Community Methodist HospitalHendersonKZ  1KY2 37.85588-87.5839
Community Memorial HospitalMenomonee FallsKZ  WS21 43.1639-88.13953
Community HospitalTorringtonKZ  WY26 42.08358-104.1925
Commodore CenterSausalitoKZ  22CA 37.87992-122.5136
Community Memorial HospitalOconto FallsKZ  22WI 44.86499-88.12843
W DavisComptonKZ  IL87 41.71114-89.11231
Earl BarnickelComptonKZ  IL88 41.67503-89.11675
Community HospitalMunsterKZ  IN28 41.55087-87.50699
Community Memorial HospitalStauntonKZ  IS21 39.0131-89.78899
Commodore CenterSausalitoKZ  JMC 37.87909-122.5136
Commerce BankToms RiverKZ  JY19 39.97333-74.18222
Commerce Business ParkCity of CommerceKZ  2CL0 33.98668-118.1606
Silver HeelsComoKZ  2CO9 39.29167-105.875
Compaq LittletonLittletonKZ  2MA4 42.54926-71.47256
Compaq Powdermill RoadMaynardKZ  2MA5 42.42787-71.45757
Compaq StowStowKZ  2MA8 42.43093-71.54173
Community Medical CenterMissoulaKZ  2MT3 46.86992-113.9907
Community Medical CenterMonmouthKZ  LL01 40.9217-90.65541
Community Hospital of OttawaOttawaKZ  LL25 41.35725-88.82507
Compass RoseRocktonKZ  LL87 42.45557-88.90289
ComprixGroveportKZ  2OI9 39.83951-82.90768
Compressor Station 524LeevilleKZ  LS84 29.21606-90.21591
Compressor Station 527Happy JackKZ  LS87 29.51494-89.73062
Compaq MarlboroMarlboroKZ  MA50 42.32621-71.57618
Compaq Parker StreetMaynardKZ  MA91 42.41843-71.44728
Flying M FarmsComusKZ  MD77 39.25983-77.34138
Compressor Station Number 8WallulaKZ  32WA 46.05125-118.8442
Comodoro PierresteguiConcordiaSAAC COC  -31.296944-57.996631
Comandante EsporaBahia BlancaSAZB BHI  -38.724967-62.169317
Comodoro P ZanniComodoro P ZanniSAZP PEH  -35.844592-61.857553
Comandante Luis PiedrabuenaLuis PiedrabuenaSA  SA33 -49.995089-68.953081
Comodoro RivadaviaComo RivadaviaSAVC CRD  -45.785347-67.465508
Compaq WoburnWoburnKZ  3MA0 42.50982-71.13644
Community General HospitalHarrisKZ  3NK1 41.70926-74.73599
Diamond K RanchComfortKZ  3TA1 30.0366-98.69753
ComptonCanbyKZ  44OR 45.22234-122.7268
Companhia Agricola De QuataCompanhia AgricSB  SDQQ -22.286111-50.638861
Comandante Vittorio BonamiComandante VittoSB  SJCA -21.530381-47.046481
Community Memorial HospitalClarionKZ  4IA5 42.72497-93.74188
Comandante Gustavo KraemerBageSBBG BGX  -31.390528-54.112244
ComoxComoxCYQQ YQQ  49.710833-124.886667
Community HospitalColdwaterKZ  54OI 40.48033-83.63854
HinkelsCominsKZ  55MI 44.80083-83.98583
Comanche LivestockStrasburgKZ  59CO 39.83332-104.3172
Community Memorial Health CenterHartleyKZ  5IA9 43.18358-95.48973
Com EdBolingbrookKZ  5IL5 41.685-88.05945
Presbyterian Hospital of CommerceCommerceKZ  60TS 33.22539-95.89691
CombsSamariaKZ  62MI 41.83055-83.56528
Comanche LandingValdostaKZ  66GA 30.7877-83.22099
Coronel Enrique Soto Cano ABComayaguaMHSC XPL  14.382369-87.621161
Comanche County-CityComancheKZ  7F9 31.91681-98.60033
Compton AbbasCompton AbbasEGHA   50.58-2.0906
Compiegne (Margny)CompiegneLFAD   49.262.4826
Community Medical CenterScrantonKZ  8PS7 41.40008-75.64686
Combs RanchPeytonKZ  95CO 39.11943-104.4644
Community Hospital LakeviewEufaulaKZ  9OK6 35.31093-95.59082
Wallace RanchComfortKZ  9TE2 30.01688-98.85031
ComoComoLILY   45.4889.042
ComillaComillaVGCM CLA  23.26391.114
ComitanComitanMMCO   16.176592-92.050356

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