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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
BirminghamBirminghamEGBB BHX  52.453856-1.748028
NottinghamNottinghamEGBN   52.92-1.079167
Nottingham East MidlandsEast MidlandsEGNX EMA  52.831111-1.328056
DillinghamDillinghamPADL DLG PDLG 59.044667-158.5055
Buckingham FldBuckingham FldKZ  FL59 26.643406-81.710361
Ingham Medical HelistopLansingKZ  MI34 42.70281-84.55303
Murphy-Sherwood ParkNottinghamKZ  NH43 43.17953-71.13701
BuckinghamDoylestownKZ  PS68 40.33233-75.03045
StrafussEffinghamKZ  SN43 39.50417-95.47108
Bellingham IntlBellingham IntlKBLI BLI BLI 48.79275-122.537528
Rockingham HamletRockingham HamleKZ  KRCZ 34.891331-79.759586
Birmingham IntlBirmingham IntlKBHM BHM BHM 33.562942-86.75355
Rockingham County Nc ShilohRockinghamKZ  KSIF 36.437222-79.851011
Effingham Co MemEffingham Co MemKZ  K1H2 39.07045-88.533519
Greater Binghamton Edwin A Link FldBinghamtonKBGM BGM BGM 42.208689-75.979839
DillinghamOahuPHDH HDH HDH 21.579475-158.197281
Brookwood Medical CenterBirminghamKZ  0AL8 33.46389-86.77306
NushagakDillinghamKZ  AK21 59.13258-157.7772
LakesideBirminghamKZ  AL21 33.51205-86.67749
Drummond Coal CompanyBirminghamKZ  AL23 33.55233-86.75082
University of Alabama HospitalBirminghamKZ  AL38 33.50649-86.80222
BonhamBirminghamKZ  AL40 33.54316-86.98582
Baptist Medical Center - MontclairBirminghamKZ  AL45 33.5175-86.74973
Carraway Medical CenterBirminghamKZ  AL49 33.53594-86.81138
Baptist Medical Center-PrincetonBirminghamKZ  AL50 33.4976-86.84638
Medical Center EastBirminghamKZ  AL65 33.5951-86.66471
Alabama Power HeadquartersBirminghamKZ  AL66 33.51955-86.8136
TowersBirminghamKZ  AL85 33.47427-86.32498
The Children's HospitalBirminghamKZ  AL91 33.50427-86.80527
CottinghamPine VillageKZ  1IN6 40.40167-87.22028
EastviewBuckinghamKZ  VG32 37.61431-78.60362
FloathavenBellinghamKZ  0W7 48.72816-122.336
Eliza IslandBellinghamKZ  WA58 48.6525-122.5842
Floathaven AirstripBellinghamKZ  WA90 48.73317-122.3513
Eliza IslandBellinghamKZ  WA93 48.65261-122.5846
DillinghamDillinghamKZ  DLG 59.04541-158.5033
Shannons PondDillinghamKZ  0Z3 59.05898-158.5772
St Joseph Hospital Main CampusBellinghamKZ  WN73 48.77483-122.4738
St Anthony Memorial HospitalEffinghamKZ  11IS 39.125-88.55055
Chenango BridgeBinghamtonKZ  1NK8 42.19174-75.84131
Lincolns FieldHinghamKZ  12MT 48.77417-110.4416
BinghamAldenKZ  IL05 42.4403-88.48898
WheatlandBuckinghamKZ  23VA 37.55709-78.62001
HendrixBuckinghamKZ  IS86 41.0417-88.19172
CunninghamGrantonKZ  2WN6 44.52969-90.4193
Gadabout GaddisBinghamKZ  ME08 45.04033-69.86895
InghamInghamYIGM IGH  -18.660556146.151667
LukeBinghamtonKZ  3NY5 42.02369-75.95714
Turner FieldBingham LakeKZ  40MN 43.86662-95.01415
Rockingham-HamletRockinghamKZ  45J 34.89107-79.75906
Wbrc-TvBirminghamKZ  4AL0 33.48861-86.79945
WinghamWinghamCZ  CPR7 43.8675-81.298611
Buckingham CourthouseTogaKZ  57VA 37.45098-78.67862
RockinghamHarrisonburgKZ  5VA6 38.48429-78.86781
Terry FieldCunninghamKZ  74KY 36.89867-88.84673
Effingham County HospitalSpringfieldKZ  75GA 32.34853-81.31983
Rockingham County Nc ShilohReidsvilleKZ  78N 36.43722-79.85101
WillinghamWillinghamEG   52.1920.0107
Rockingham CountyEdenKZ  8N0 36.49403-79.73975
GillinghamFloresvilleKZ  8TE0 29.13913-98.11334

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