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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
Los Angeles IntlLos Angeles IntlKLAX LAX LAX 33.942536-118.408075
Los Angeles County Fire DepartmentThousand OaksKZ  1CA9 34.08334-118.8676
WhitemanLos AngelesKZ WHP KWHP 34.259325-118.413433
Drew Medical CenterLos AngelesKZ  0CA0 33.92333-118.2419
Va Greater Los Angeles Health Care CenterWest Los AngelesKZ  0CA2 34.04917-118.4561
Good SamritanLos AngelesKZ  0CL7 34.05445-118.2651
Cedars-Sinai Medical CenterLos AngelesKZ  CA46 34.08334-118.3759
Northridge HospitalLos AngelesKZ  CA86 34.22014-118.5331
Usc University HospitalLos AngelesKZ  CL00 34.0539-118.2017
Biltmore HotelLos AngelesKZ  CL08 34.04918-118.2534
St Vincent Professional Office BuildingLos AngelesKZ  CL12 34.0639-118.2726
Wells Fargo-CvLos AngelesKZ  CL20 34.04168-118.2717
District 07 HelistopLos AngelesKZ  CL31 34.05196-118.2448
Fib Administration & Operations BuildingLos AngelesKZ  CL32 34.05362-118.2645
International TowerLos AngelesKZ  CL49 34.0464-118.2626
Westwood GatewayLos AngelesKZ  CL50 34.04779-118.4451
Westside TowersLos AngelesKZ  CL54 34.03307-118.4526
Queen of Angel-Hollywood Presbyterian HosLos AngelesKZ  CL70 34.0964-118.2904
Hughes/corporateLos AngelesKZ  CL71 33.96612-118.4242
Los Angeles Times - NorthridgeChatsworthKZ  CL89 34.23889-118.5693
L A Co Mens Detention Cntr-Main JailLos AngelesKZ  23CL 34.06029-118.2304
Litton IndustriesLos AngelesKZ  26CL 34.16862-118.5945
Childrens Hospital Los AngelesLos AngelesKZ  29CL 34.09612-118.2904
K & T 660 Figueroa PartnersLos AngelesKZ  2CA6 34.04918-118.2592
Devonshire AreaLos AngelesKZ  14L 34.25695-118.5315
J.h. Snyder Co. IiiLos AngelesKZ  3CA6 34.06251-118.3523
Metropolitan Water DistrictLos AngelesKZ  3CL1 34.05444-118.2367
Chase PlazaLos AngelesKZ  3CL5 34.03724-118.2581
Raleigh EnterprisesLos AngelesKZ  3CL7 34.03612-118.442
Van Nuys County CourtLos AngelesKZ  43L 34.18334-118.4476
Wilshire AreaLos AngelesKZ  44L 34.04696-118.3426
Parker CenterLos AngelesKZ  45L 34.05223-118.2412
Transamerica CenterLos AngelesKZ  46CL 34.03973-118.2284
United Ca Bank Data Processing OpsLos AngelesKZ  49L 34.06973-118.2923
Lapd HooperLos AngelesKZ  4CA0 34.04335-118.247
City National BankLos AngelesKZ  4CA1 34.04779-118.2545
The Randy Champ-Gary Howe MemorialLos AngelesKZ  4CA9 33.95833-118.2772
The Westin Bonaventure HotelLos AngelesKZ  50L 34.05279-118.2559
Arco PlazaLos AngelesKZ  51L 34.0514-118.257
Los Angeles County Sheriff's DepartmentLos AngelesKZ  52L 34.03779-118.1537
Terminal AnnexLos AngelesKZ  54L 34.05807-118.2356
Los Angeles Times-LaLos AngelesKZ  56CA 34.05057-118.2462
Sunset-GlendaleLos AngelesKZ  56L 34.07779-118.2595
Merle Norman Cosmetics Bldg 3Los AngelesKZ  57CA 33.95335-118.3809
Operating Engineers Pension Trust BldgLos AngelesKZ  57L 34.06195-118.2912
Jay Stephen Hooper MemorialLos AngelesKZ  58CA 34.05445-118.2292
Occidental PetroleumLos AngelesKZ  58L 34.0589-118.4437
City HallLos AngelesKZ  59L 34.05418-118.2426
Edward Roybal Federal BldgLos AngelesKZ  5CL6 34.05333-118.2392
Maria DoloresLos Angeles MariSCGE LSQ  -37.401731-72.425444
Engine Co Nr 108Los AngelesKZ  60L 34.12667-118.407
Los Angeles/van NuysEngine Co Nr 109KZ  61L 34.13084-118.4906
Bank of America Data CenterLos AngelesKZ  62CA 34.06223-118.2509
Abc-TvLos AngelesKZ  62L 34.10334-118.2826
West Valley AreaLos AngelesKZ  68L 34.19389-118.5473
R I Ai Canoga Park B/2 HelistopLos AngelesKZ  69L 34.23362-118.587
Hotel New Otani Los AngelesLos AngelesKZ  6CA0 34.05112-118.2426
Ucla Emergency Medicine Dept.Los AngelesKZ  6CA9 34.06501-118.4426
The Wilshire ThayerLos AngelesKZ  70CA 34.06251-118.4326
Century CityLos AngelesKZ  70L 34.06084-118.4176
R I Rd Canoga Park G/lLos AngelesKZ  72L 34.18834-118.6009
Los Angeles County Fire Station Nr 123NewhallKZ  80L 34.38166-118.4145
Beverly CenterLos AngelesKZ  84CA 34.0739-118.3773
Everest & Jennings Helistop Nr 1Los AngelesKZ  98CA 34.04473-118.4448
California MartLos AngelesKZ  9CA5 34.04029-118.2562

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