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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
Oldham CoOldham CoKZ  KE52 35.231997-102.399094
Old Hickory RanchOld HickoryKZ  56LA 32.345276-93.818336
Old RhinebeckRhinebeckKZ  NY94 41.97148-73.86291
Old ForkerSante FeKZ  TA30 29.31885-95.08576
Old BridgeOld BridgeKZ  K3N6 40.329886-74.346786
Old Acton AirfieldActonKZ  02ME 43.5373-70.92937
Dewitt Fld Old Town MuniDewitt FldKOLD OLD OLD 44.952751-68.674332
Old Town EmsOld TownKZ  0FL3 29.60278-82.98167
Old OrchardCurwensvilleKZ  0PS4 41.00839-78.56086
Old SaybrookOld SaybrookKZ  CT57 41.30482-72.37175
Old Saybrook PoliceOld SaybrookKZ  CT99 41.29065-72.37897
Gulf AerospaceOldsmarKZ  FD75 28.04113-82.6551
ManateeOld TownKZ  FD80 29.50583-82.98389
Old AerodromeMarysvilleKZ  32Q 39.32489-121.3594
Old Orchard BeachRoyal AnchorKZ  ME13 43.53008-70.36089
Old Orchard RoadArmonkKZ  3NY1 41.11482-73.71513
Condominio Fly In CommunityOld RondonopolisSB  SJGP -16.446178-54.664211
Old PortageAkronKZ  4P2 41.13783-81.54915
Old Fort FarmHemlockKZ  50NY 42.81451-77.57333
Olds DidsburyOlds DidsburyCZ  CEA3 51.711945-114.106667
Old CrowOld CrowCYOC YOC  67.570556-139.839167
Mile CreekOld LymeKZ  5CT7 41.30233-72.2962
Manatee SpringsOld TownKZ  5FD0 29.49273-82.99123
Old RebMercedesKZ  5XS6 26.17535-97.87527
Old BridgeOld BridgeKZ  62NJ 40.33205-74.34682
Old Hoppe PlaceAgua DulceKZ  67TX 27.8003-97.85122
BlackhawkOld MonroeKZ  6MO0 38.9556-90.81485
Old Port RoyalCorningKZ  6NY1 42.11285-77.08942
Old HarborOld HarborKZ  6R7 57.2181-153.2697
Old 66 StripMiamiKZ  70OK 36.83368-94.90412
Old SarumOld SarumEGLS   51.058-1.4726
Old Warden (Biggleswade)Old WardenEGTH   52.052-0.1906
Ashford FieldOld BostonKZ  7TX9 33.35873-94.4377
Oldenburg (Hatten)OldenburgEDWH   53.0418.1856
NanceOld RipleyKZ  8LL0 38.88755-89.5573
Brothers AviationOld WashingtonKZ  9OI8 40.0323-81.46512
Old PlainsPennsburgKZ  9PA2 40.39455-75.44129
Old BuckenhamOld BuckenhamEGSV   52.2981.031
Old Chichen ItzaOld Chichen ItzaMM  MM74 20.690444-88.566667

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