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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
PasniPasniOPPI PSI  25.29048763.345083
PasarPasarRP  RP15 10.912058124.437406
PashkovskiyKrasnodarURKK KRR  45.03468939.170539
Pascagoula Refinery Pad Nr 3PascagoulaKZ  MS02 30.34881-88.47807
Pascagoula Refinery Pad Nr 2PascagoulaKZ  MS19 30.35492-88.4914
Singing River HospitalPascagoulaKZ  MS72 30.37614-88.53106
Pascagoula Refinery Pad Nr 1PascagoulaKZ  MS78 30.32937-88.50835
Ben L. BriggsPascagoulaKZ  MS87 30.37048-88.55696
PascoPascoKZ  18WA 46.375-119.2056
Passavant HospitalPittsburghKZ  PN79 40.00952-80.00005
Mac GillivrayPaso RoblesKZ  Q89 35.64553-120.8488
Paso Robles MuniPaso Robles MuniKPRB PRB PRB 35.672886-120.62705
Tri CitiesPascoKPSC PSC KPSC 46.264681-119.11903
Paso Fino FarmValdostaKZ  0GA8 30.88714-83.41599
LevertPass ChristianKZ  0MS6 30.30131-89.23449
Memorial HospitalPasadenaKZ  TS88 29.68967-95.20104
Huntington Memorial HospitalPasadenaKZ  CL14 34.13365-118.1537
Columbia Ag 2PascoKZ  WN33 46.38041-118.9883
Ice Harbor DamPascoKZ  WN81 46.2518-118.8789
San Jacinto College Central CampusPasadenaKZ  XS16 29.65917-95.11195
PolicePasadenaKZ  XS37 29.69217-95.19604
3321 WestsidePasadenaKZ  XS38 29.66051-95.20188
MesaPasadenaKZ  24CA 34.20473-118.1709
PasleyRoscoeKZ  28MO 37.97392-93.81882
Ethyl CorpPasadenaKZ  2TX9 29.74106-95.17077
Oak Country RanchPaso RoblesKZ  33CL 35.56831-120.7974
Paso De Los LibresPaso De Los LibrSARL AOL  -29.689425-57.152078
Super BowlPasadenaKZ  3CL4 34.17278-118.1709
Pascagoula Naval StationPascagoulaKZ  3MS4 30.33837-88.57357
Lauro KurtzPasso FundoSBPF PFB  -28.243989-52.326558
Passaic RiverRutherfordKZ  4NJ2 40.82927-74.12042
PassosPassosSB PSW SNOS -20.732242-46.661772
Columbia AgPascoKZ  53WA 46.29236-118.9831
PasportWest BrookfieldKZ  5MA3 42.18759-72.14314
Antonio NarinoPastoSKPS PSO  1.396247-77.291478
Pasir PangaraanPasir PangaraanWIDE   0.845431100.370292
CarrPascoKZ  6WA6 46.27847-118.9561
Martindale Executive ArpkPaschallKZ  70NC 36.54459-78.14805
Passavant Area HospitalJacksonvilleKZ  84IS 39.74866-90.25068
ParosParosLGPA PAS  37.00825.0766
Pasco County MosquitoNew Port RitcheKZ  9FL4 28.1925-82.62167
PasewalkPasewalkEDCV   53.30313.569
PasighatPasighatVEPG IXT  28.0695.23
Passo FundoPasso FundoSB  SSAQ -28.15-52.31
Pastos BonsPastos BonsSB  SNPB -6.4-44.05

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