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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
Rivne IntlRivne IntlUKLR RWN  50.60714226.141622
Silver WingsRiver RanchKZ  TS36 30.219556-99.140833
RiversideRiversideKZ  KK32 37.748067-97.406711
RiversideDover FoxcroftKZ  ME85 45.18339-69.2356
RiverviewDresdenKZ  OA85 40.13646-81.99374
RiversideZanesvilleKZ  OH36 39.98618-81.98375
River Oak FarmsWoosterKZ  OI09 40.77306-82.10333
River Run RanchRedmondKZ  OR02 44.33568-121.02
River Hill AviationApolloKZ  PN46 40.56384-79.544
River HillBloomsburgKZ  PS85 40.9862-76.42911
Riverbend AirparkMauldinKZ  SC97 34.72667-82.33972
Rives Air ParkRoyse CityKZ  T33 32.85707-96.30831
Riverside MuniRiverside MuniKRAL RAL RAL 33.951875-117.445103
March ARBMarch ARBKRIV RIV RIV 33.880711-117.259453
Riverton RgnlRiverton RgnlKZ RIW KRIW 43.064236-108.459842
RiverviewRiverviewKZ  K08C 42.935858-85.805036
River Ranch ResortRiver RanchKZ  K2RR 27.782249-81.205347
RinghaverRiverviewKZ  00FD 28.84665-82.34538
River OakOkeechobeeKZ  00FL 27.23088-80.96923
FlabobRiversideKZ RIR KRIR 33.989736-117.410603
Talmage FldRiverheadKZ  03NY 40.95843-72.71677
River Bend RanchRiver Bend RanchKZ  94TX 31.437661-99.315608
Riverside Hospital AirliftWichitaKZ  06KS 37.69585-97.37254
PetersonRiverbankKZ  CA17 37.72354-120.8899
City HallRiversideKZ  CA78 33.97918-117.375
Riverside Metro CenterRiversideKZ  CA81 33.98251-117.3759
JohnsonRiversideKZ  CA91 34.00807-117.3352
River BendMaurertownKZ  VA58 38.90611-78.44444
Riverside Walter Reed HospitalGloucesterKZ  VA70 37.42182-76.54301
RiverwoodIron GateKZ  0VA2 37.79652-79.76672
RiverviewAbbotsfordKZ  WI49 44.94219-90.25819
Riverside Medical CenterKankakeeKZ  10IL 41.12364-87.88532
River AcresOkeechobeeKZ  FD70 27.32532-81.02868
Riverton Memorial HospitalRivertonKZ  WY24 43.03551-108.4032
Russell W Anderson StripRiversideKZ  ID12 43.18436-112.4664
RiverlakeClark ForkKZ  ID75 48.12604-116.1655
FarmRiver FallsKZ  21WI 44.88691-92.77743
RiversidePlainvilleKZ  22GA 34.42926-85.05439
Tiger LakeRiver RanchKZ  2FL8 27.88363-81.36313
River West Medical CenterPlaquemineKZ  LA45 30.26214-91.24511
RiverbendSt FrancisvilleKZ  LA96 30.76091-91.33864
Riverview Medical CenterGonzalesKZ  LS20 30.20409-90.93204
River Parish HospitalLa PlaceKZ  LS57 30.07151-90.51545
Garrison Dam Recreational AirparkRiverdaleKZ  37N 47.48306-101.4088
River AcresHeber SpringsKZ  3AR8 35.46675-91.96681
Onion Crest AirparkRiverdaleKZ  43NE 40.775-99.15472
Southern Regional Medical CenterRiverdaleKZ  49GA 33.57956-84.38909
Riverside HospitalToledoKZ  4OI5 41.66311-83.51521
RiversideDemingKZ  4WA8 48.83484-122.2643
Lake MathewsRiversideKZ  52CA 33.85307-117.4239
Riverside HospitalNewport NewsKZ  54VA 37.06543-76.48384
Riviere Du LoupRiviere Du LoupCYRI YRI  47.764444-69.584722
RiverveiwEvansvilleKZ  5IS3 38.07838-89.97955
Riverside HospitalWaupacaKZ  5WI7 44.33581-89.08345
RivesaltesPerpignanLFMP PGF  42.7404422.870667
Riverside LandingsOzarkKZ  6MO7 37.02922-93.16685
St Croix RivieraRiver FallsKZ  6WI2 44.84386-92.75576
RiverviewPetersburgKZ  71KY 39.03478-84.87273
Riverode FarmsPontiacKZ  71LL 40.84253-88.55978
RivoltoRivoltoLIPI   45.9787513.049331
River Meadow FarmRutherfordKZ  7CA9 38.46185-122.4147
Swanson Ranch Nr 2RiverdaleKZ  89CA 36.46662-119.8843
Burgess FieldRiversideKZ  8MD6 38.39707-77.14692
Riverview RanchDays CreekKZ  8OR3 42.93373-123.1214
River Falls Area HospitalRiver FallsKZ  8WI9 44.86528-92.60278
StantonRivertonKZ  91IS 39.82366-89.50398
Riverlands AreaWest AltonKZ  96MO 38.86311-90.15705
Riverside Methodist HospitalColumbusKZ  9OI9 40.03117-83.0349
River BendRiver Bend LodgeKZ  9WA3 48.46963-117.2899
Presidente General Don Oscar D GestidoRiveraSURV RVY  -30.974569-55.476189
RivadaviaRivadaviaSA   -33.14-68.28

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