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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
Williamson SodusWilliamson SodusKZ  K3G7 43.234722-77.120972
William H Morse StateWilliam H MorseKZ  KDDH 42.891333-73.246417
Williamson Co RgnlWilliamsonKZ MWA KMWA 37.754958-89.011094
Williams FieldWilliams FieldKZ  08MS 34.662222-89.868333
Williamsburg Whitley CoWilliamsburg WhiKZ  KW38 36.795008-84.199525
Williams CoWilliams CoKZ  K0G6 41.467361-84.506556
WilliamsEaton RapidsKZ  MI13 42.43337-84.59998
Rolling Shoals FarmWilliamsvilleKZ  MO73 36.98755-90.55845
WilliamsFarmingtonKZ  NM05 36.74472-108.1501
WilliamsonCedarvilleKZ  OI73 39.71256-83.80382
H.a. Clark Memorial FieldWilliamsKZ  P32 35.30223-112.1941
WilliamsWilliamsKZ  Q12 39.1635-122.1316
William ArchibaldSan DimasKZ  1CL0 34.10445-117.7998
Williams RanchNorwoodKZ  1CO2 38.16249-108.3404
Moore's FieldWilliamstonKZ  SC43 34.59373-82.39901
Oakhill AirparkWilliamsonKZ  SC82 34.58472-82.35167
Williamsport AirparkEasleyKZ  SC86 34.86456-82.56763
William Newton Memorial HospitalWinfieldKZ  SN31 37.11808-96.86837
Harry P Williams MemHarry P WilliamsKZ PTN KPTN 29.709547-91.338978
Camp W G Williams Total Force FldTotal Force FldKZ  UT08 40.431894-111.93077
H A Clark Mem FldWilliams H A ClaKZ  KCMR 35.302222-112.194167
William R Fairchild IntlPort AngelesKCLM CLM CLM 48.120194-123.499694
John Bell WilliamsRaymond John BelKZ  KM16 32.303341-90.408483
Williamsburg JamestownWilliamburg JameKZ JGG KJGG 37.239175-76.716097
Athelone Williams MemDavison AtheloneKZ  K6G0 43.029139-83.529671
Western Neb Rgnl William B Heilig FldScottsbluffKBFF BFF BFF 41.874028-103.595639
Horace WilliamsHorace WilliamsKZ  KIGX 35.935006-79.065908
William P HobbyHoustonKHOU HOU HOU 29.645419-95.278889
WilliamsWilliamsKZ  K9X1 30.153375-95.321989
William P GwinnWilliam P GwinnKZ  06FA 26.908392-80.328939
Odell Williamson MuniOcean IsleKZ  K60J 33.908506-78.436672
Williamsport RgnlWilliamsportKIPT IPT IPT 41.241836-76.921094
C E Rusty WilliamsC E Rusty WilliaKZ  K3F3 32.07346-93.765518
William L Whitehurst FldWhitehurst FldKZ  KM08 35.214458-89.043361
Joe Williams NOLFJoe WilliamsKZ NJW KNJW 32.796244-88.831719
William E. KoenigDowKZ  01IS 39.01616-90.31817
William M TuckWilliam M TuckKZ  KW78 36.710044-78.848019
William T Piper MemWilliam T PiperKZ LHV KLHV 41.135639-77.422308
Newport News Williamsburg IntlNewport NewsKPHF PHF PHF 37.131894-76.492989
Hal Joy AirfieldWilliamsfieldKZ  06OH 41.50978-80.59119
William Irving LewisBroadwayKZ  09NC 35.32933-79.03002
Williams GatewayWilliams GatewayKIWA  IWA 33.307833-111.655472
Williams FieldAugustaKZ  0MT1 47.4975-112.3908
William R Pogue MuniWilliam R PogueKZ  K0F8 36.175275-96.151842
Williamson FarmLoxleyKZ  AL97 30.64472-87.66944
Williamsburg RgnlWilliamsburgKZ  KCKI 33.717222-79.856972
Southern CrossWilliamstownKZ  C01 39.65556-75.01444
Williams FieldGoodlandKZ  TX99 34.00675-102.9866
Lee Williams MemorialMidvaleKZ  0U9 44.46155-116.7577
William E PooleApple ValleyKZ  10CA 34.60221-117.1725
William's Sky ManorLa BelleKZ  FA51 26.73895-81.50619
Eckerts AirstripWilliamsburgKZ  10MO 38.91449-91.70434
Williams HawgwildFort PierceKZ  FL56 27.40893-80.42783
Williams FieldMiddleburgKZ  11FL 30.04302-81.88094
Peach StateWilliamsonKZ  GA2 33.18345-84.37159
Redgate RanchWilliamsburgKZ  11MO 38.90171-91.63517
WilliamsOshkoshKZ  1WI1 43.93276-88.70455
WilliamsCarthageKZ  IL52 40.43921-91.14404
Williams FarmMortons GapKZ  24KY 37.21671-87.43056
Prince William HospitalManassasKZ  27VA 38.76817-77.48749
WilliamsonWesterveltKZ  28LL 39.46032-88.86841
Port WilliamsPort WilliamsKZ  KPR 58.49014-152.5822
Williams AirparkChapinKZ  30LL 39.75421-90.3654
Sprague Nr 1WilliamstownKZ  MA84 42.72091-73.21344
Sprague Nr 2WilliamstownKZ  MA85 42.71952-73.21344
William Beaumont HospitalRoyal OakKZ  32MI 42.52226-83.19437
Grant County HospitalWilliamstownKZ  38KY 38.6359-84.56855
Holdana FieldWilliamsKZ  38OR 42.20456-123.2914
WilliamsonWilliamsonYWIS   -22.473333150.1775
WilliamsStone MountainKZ  3GE2 33.82084-84.12805
WilliamtownWilliamtownYWLM NTL  -32.795151.834444
Bock FarmsWilliamsvilleKZ  3LS7 39.98639-89.51167
CreagerWilliamsburgKZ  3OH7 39.03006-84.0466
Divine Providence HospitalWilliamsportKZ  3PS6 41.26008-76.9833
ChanayWilliamsburgKZ  40KS 38.54001-95.45081
William Creek, SAWilliam CreekYWMC   -28.9069666666667136.341133333333
Shirley WilliamsKingslandKZ  44TE 30.68352-98.41698
Don Williams PrivateYakimaKZ  46WA 46.60901-120.6142
Williams RanchCaddo GapKZ  4AR6 34.37926-93.63769
Antelope Valley RanchWilliamsKZ  4CL3 39.14625-122.3541
WeissWilliamsburgKZ  4IA8 41.64723-91.95962
Williams GroveMechanicsburgKZ  4PN6 40.15009-77.03304
William T BrowderFort CollinsKZ  50CO 40.65831-104.9511
Williams LakeWilliams LakeCYWL YWL  52.183056-122.054167
Eagles LandingWilliamsonKZ  5GA3 33.16012-84.3652
Guardiamarina ZanartuPuerto WilliamsSCGZ WPU  -54.931072-67.626261
Williams FieldJacksonKZ  5MI7 42.36107-84.42482
R D WilliamsGarrisonKZ  5TS7 31.77656-94.48548
Williamsport Hospital & Medical CenterWilliamsportKZ  66PA 41.2473-77.0158
West CompanyWilliamsportKZ  67PA 41.16675-76.91635
William Shells CoFillmoreKZ  6CL3 34.38028-118.8687
Cove ValleyWilliamsburgKZ  6G6 40.45452-78.23807
Williams Flying ServiceWinnsboroKZ  6LA6 32.21821-91.86819
WilliamsonNeogaKZ  6LL0 39.31893-88.42505
Sepurine Training BaseWilliam T PiperLD  LD57 44.21004215.1632
StonehengeWilliamstownKZ  71KS 39.10417-95.29608
CarrWilliamsburgKZ  72KY 36.76508-84.19938
Faries FieldWilliamsvilleKZ  79MO 36.98667-90.54333
Williams RanchNew RaymerKZ  7CO4 40.60415-103.9394
MedicalWilliamsburgKZ  83VA 37.28043-76.72246
Williams AirpatchArlingtonKZ  89WA 48.27066-122.0193
MaidensWilliamstonKZ  89Y 42.73337-84.32359
William Leon SchawoBriggsdaleKZ  8CO2 40.67082-104.2083
The WildernessWilliamsburgKZ  8KS9 38.44446-95.42525
WilliamsHodgenvilleKZ  90KY 37.58256-85.73329
3-M'sWilliamsonKZ  96GA 33.18583-84.36806
WilliamsBoggstownKZ  9II6 39.56472-85.91666

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