Airport Name : Calgary Intl

Other Name : Calgary Intl




Latitude : 51.113888

Longitude : -114.020278

Country : Canada

Local Date and Time : 16 Jun 2024 18:11


TAF (Terminal Aerodrome Forecast)

TAF CYYC 162340Z 1700/1724 32015G25KT P6SM SCT050 TEMPO 1700/1701 VRB20G30KT P6SM -SHRA VCTS BKN050CB FM170100 01012KT P6SM SCT020 BKN050 TEMPO 1701/1706 P6SM -SHRA BECMG 1704/1706 32008KT FM170600 33008KT P6SM BKN020 TEMPO 1706/1716 SCT020 FM171600 32006KT P6SM BKN030 TEMPO 1716/1720 BKN020 FM172000 36012KT P6SM BKN040 TEMPO 1720/1724 P6SM -SHRA PROB30 1722/1724 VRB20G30KT 5SM TSRA BKN020 OVC040CB RMK NXT FCST BY 170300Z


METAR (METeorological Aerodrome Report)

CYYC 170000Z 03014G21KT 310V050 15SM BKN031TCU OVC160 08/04 A2986 RMK TCU6AC2 SH E SLP138

CYYC 162300Z 30014KT 15SM FEW045TCU BKN170 10/02 A2985 RMK TCU2AC5 SLP129 DENSITY ALT 4000FT

CYYC 162231Z 33010G19KT 15SM FEW045TCU BKN085 09/05 A2985 RMK TCU2AC5 SLP133 DENSITY ALT 3900FT

CYYC 162200Z 32012G21KT 10SM -SHRA BKN046TCU OVC160 08/05 A2985 RMK TCU7AC1 SLP133

CYYC 162117Z 32015G22KT 280V350 10SM -SHRA BKN043TCU OVC160 11/03 A2984 RMK TCU7AC1 SLP126 DENSITY ALT 4100FT

CYYC 162100Z 28014G20KT 260V320 15SM BKN046 OVC160 12/01 A2983 RMK SC6AC2 TCU ASOCTD SH AND VIRGA NW SLP120 DENSITY ALT 4200FT