Airport Name : Slave Lake

Other Name : Slave Lake




Latitude : 55.293056

Longitude : -114.777222

Country : Canada

Local Date and Time : 12 Aug 2020 15:01


TAF (Terminal Aerodrome Forecast)

TAF CYZH 121838Z 1219/1307 28010KT P6SM FEW020 BKN060 TEMPO 1219/1221 BKN020 BKN040 FM122100 28012G22KT P6SM BKN050 TEMPO 1221/1304 P6SM -SHRA VCTS SCT040CB BKN060 FM130400 26012KT P6SM BKN040 RMK FCST BASED ON AUTO OBS. NXT FCST BY 130100Z


METAR (METeorological Aerodrome Report)

CYZH 122000Z AUTO 27014G21KT 9SM FEW040 SCT075 SCT120 16/08 A2969 RMK SLP065 DENSITY ALT 2700FT

CYZH 121900Z AUTO 26012KT 9SM SCT150 15/07 A2969 RMK SLP065 DENSITY ALT 2600FT

CYZH 121800Z AUTO 26008KT 9SM BKN065 BKN120 OVC150 12/07 A2970 RMK SLP068 DENSITY ALT 2200FT

CYZH 121705Z AUTO 26013KT 9SM SCT023 OVC060 11/07 A2969 RMK SLP068 DENSITY ALT 2100FT

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