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Pilot Log Book showing Logbook Entries and Flight Viewer

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Mobile Logbook Pilots Mobile Flight Log book Software.

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The program includes:

Flight Viewer

Veiw a summary of all flights entered. Add a new flight, Edit an existing flight or Delete a flight record.

Flight Entry

Record details of a flight, then save or cancel the flight entry.

Sync Flight Details

The new version of Swift-E-Logbook has been designed to import flights from Mobile Log Book, day and night times can be automatically calculated during the syncronisation.

Downloading Instructions

Click the Download button, SAVE the file to your computer. Once the downloaded is complete, connect your device to the PC, double-click the downloaded file to start the installation procedure. The program will automatically be transfered onto your Pocket PC.

Microsoft ActiveSync (WMDC for Windows Vista) will be required to transfer the program from your PC to Pocket PC

Windows Vista users should install the software from an admin account.

Tips: Wait for each program to finish installing on your Pocket PC before installing the next item. A soft restart may be required after all programs have been installed, see the instructions for your device.