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SDF Viewer - A smart and handy tool, powerful enough for database professionals, yet easy to use and available at an affordable price. Create, view and edit SQL Server Compact Edition (SQLCE) version 3.1, 3.5 and 4.0 databases.

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New Version SQLCE 4



New Version 1.14.1(Free Upgrade for Existing SDF Viewer Licenced Users)

The simple way to create, view, edit or export the data in your Windows Mobile or Pocket PC device's SQLCE database, from the convenience of your Desktop. Run SQL commands on your SQLCE databases, and view the results instantly


Runs on Windows 7 SP1, 8, 10 and 11

Works with SQL Server CE Version 3.1; 3.5 and 4.0 databases - Auto Detection of Database Versions

Does not require MS SQL Management Studio or Visual Studio

Copies Database Files to and from your Windows Mobile Device

Opens .SDF Database file on your PC

Build SQL statements visually with the Query Builder

Work with Parameter Queries

Creates New SQL Server Compact Edition Databases

View the Database and Index Structures

Create a New Tables, Rename, Drop or Modify Existing Tables

Add, Delete, Rename, Re-Order and Alter Data Columns

Create New Indexes and Rename Existing Indexes

Add Single and Multiple Foreign Key Relationships

Rename Existing Relationships

View, Sort, Add, Modify and Delete Data from Tables

View, Add, Rename and Change Image Columns

Create SQL Queries and Scripts, Drag & Drop Table and Column Names to Query

Open/Save/Run Scripts/Queries as *.sqlce files

Create Difference Scripts between two sqlce databases for structure and data

Add, Change and Remove Database Passwords

Compact and Repair Databases

Upgrade Existing Databases to higher versions

Import and Export Tables to Excel XLS and XML formats

Import From SQL Server and SQL Server Express

Import From MS Access

Import Pictures into a Database

Script SQLCE Database Tables, Data, Indexes

Create SQLCE Database Diagrams

Set an automatic backup of database files each time they are opened

Buy with confidence. In addition to a free trial so you can see if SDF Viewer is exactly right for you, we offer a 14 day money-back guarantee.

Microsoft SQL Server Compact (SQL CE) is a compact relational database produced by Microsoft for applications that run on mobile devices and desktops. Prior to the introduction of the desktop platform, it was known as SQL Server for Windows CE and SQL Server Mobile Edition. The latest release is the SQL Server Compact Version 4.0

SQL CE databases reside in a single .sdf file, which can be up to 4 GB in size.