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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
Lower FortyHarrahKZ  16OK 35.46673-97.20031
Lower CreekLenoirKZ  NC27 35.94458-81.4901
PacemakerLower BankKZ  NJ86 39.60845-74.57182
Checkpoint CharlieLowellKZ  OI27 39.55674-81.56957
Lower Granite StateColfaxKZ  00W 46.67349-117.4427
Sutton's FieldLowellKZ  0II8 41.32476-87.47587
Lowcountry RgnlLowcountry RgnlKZ RBW KRBW 32.920814-80.640644
Lower Hay LakeJenkinsKZ  0MN3 46.67778-94.2925
Circle S FarmsLowellKZ  AR91 36.22591-94.03214
LoweLoweKZ  5KY5 36.86255-87.790294
LowellLowellKZ  C97 41.23014-87.5077
Lowe AirstripCotopaxiKZ  CD01 38.39833-105.6203
Warm Springs CreekLowmanKZ  0U1 44.14212-115.3143
Lower Monumental StateKahlotusKZ  W09 46.55042-118.5364
Lower Granite DamColfaxKZ  WN43 46.66127-117.438
Lowe'sSarasotaKZ  FA77 27.33088-82.29065
Lower Monumental DamKahlotusKZ  WN84 46.56903-118.5369
WangLowellKZ  1MA4 42.60926-71.32172
Lee FarmsLowellKZ  FL80 29.3347-82.16676
Lower Loon CreekChallisKZ  ID67 44.80825-114.8093
LoweCadizKZ  20KY 36.86255-87.79029
Lowell CityLowellKZ  24C 42.95392-85.3439
Van Strien CompanyLowellKZ  26MI 42.92392-85.37807
Lowrance RanchTruscottKZ  26TX 33.76481-100.0179
WietbrockLowellKZ  IN90 41.25976-87.48142
Jay Schertz FarmLowpointKZ  IS00 40.8417-89.27453
Low And SlowHardinKZ  2IL6 39.13755-90.62997
Lowe AhpFt Rucker OzarkKZ  LOR 31.35017-85.74994
Avco/lowellLowellKZ  MA17 42.61537-71.32089
Lower MarlboroLower MarlboroKZ  MD49 38.65151-76.67802
Marion Correctional InstitutionLowellKZ  33FL 29.30525-82.17259
Taylor FieldLowellKZ  3AR7 36.28778-94.18667
Low PassTuttleKZ  4OK4 35.28756-97.66421
CridlerLowellKZ  5MI3 43.05114-85.42002
Alleghany Regional HospitalLow MoorKZ  5VA1 37.79179-79.88255
LowranceDriverKZ  64AR 35.61258-90.02092
Elder AirstripLowellKZ  6AR1 36.27791-94.1966
Lowells LandingHardinsburgKZ  75II 38.44667-86.26083
Lowe StripMc HenryKZ  87ND 47.58194-98.56899
Lowell FieldAmericusKZ  9GA5 32.05822-84.29019

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