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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
Groton New LondonGrotonKGON GON GON 41.330056-72.045139
MathisGonvickKZ  MY42 47.86385-95.52695
Gonzales MuniGonzales MuniKZ  KT20 29.528014-97.461381
Double H RanchGonzalesKZ  0LA1 30.22936-90.97343
Don Babin-PrivateGonzalesKZ  0LA2 30.27797-90.96316
Riverview Medical CenterGonzalesKZ  LS20 30.20409-90.93204
GonderAzezoHAGN GDQ  12.519937.434047
GondiaGondiaVA  VA2C 21.52621780.290431
Gonbad GhabusGonbad GhabusOI  OI24 37.24609455.095889
Galvez-Lake VfdGonzalesKZ  8LA8 30.30103-90.90149
Gonzalez ChavesGonzalez ChavesSA   -38.02-60.08
Gong KedakGong KedakWMGK   5.799572102.484219

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