Swift-E-Logbook Example Screen Shots

Entry of flight data is quick and easy:

Drop down selection of registration in order of date last flown

Auto recognition of airfield, entered by ICAO, IATA or FAA code or name

Quick reversal of route for return flights and local flight buttons

Automatic calculation and split of day and night times

Quick entry of times into appropriate categories

Handling button can be set to automatically enter IFR, cross-country time, approach type, takeoffs and landings

Great circle distance and average ground speed can highlight any entry errors

Easy entry of logbook details

Comprehensive details of each aircraft

A picture can be associated with each aircraft registration

Aircraft details can be cloned to a new registration when adding aircraft of a similar type, great when entering a fleet of aircraft

aircraft details

Select an airfield from over 30,000 already included in our database, or add your own

Search by ICAO, IATA, FAA codes or part of the Name

search for an airfield

View flights a month at a time

Quick selection of the required month

See monthly and running totals

view flights

Create graphs of hours flown, approaches or take-offs and landings by time interval, aircraft type or registration

Drill down into the data - from decade to year to month or type to registration

graphs of hours flown during a year

Find detailed information from your logbook, perfect for licence and employment application forms!

Customise your search results, decide which columns to include and in which order to display them

Automatically obtain the totals of numeric columns for entries meeting the selection criteria

Find specific information from your flight details

List all airfields visited and their details together with the dates of first and last visit

All columns are able to be sorted - can be used to find for example the most Northerly airfield you have visited!

The last visited date can be used to check Category 'C' airfield currency

list of airfields flown to from

See the last date a particular aircraft or type of aircraft was flown

Useful for keeping track of your aircraft type currency

list of aircraft and date last flown

Check the sunrise or sunset time as well as twilight times for any date or location

Check in advance if a planned flight will be at night or during the day

sunrise and sunset times for London Gatwick

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Try before you buy. We recommend you try the evaluation version of our pilots� logbook program before purchasing the full version. The evaluation version contains many of the features found in the full version and is valid for 30 days.

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