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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
Vicksburg MuniVicksburg MuniKZ VKS KVKS 32.239317-90.928439
WhitakerVicksburgKZ  MS43 32.5518-90.83038
Parkview Regional Medical CenterVicksburgKZ  MS79 32.34598-90.85844
Boggy BottomsVickeryKZ  18OI 41.42339-82.9827
Vicars PrivateAltoonaKZ  PS15 40.54757-78.39168
Vicksburg Tallulah RgnlVicksburg TallulKTVR  TVR 32.351606-91.027689
Southern California LogisticsVictorvilleKZ VCV KVCV 34.597453-117.382997
Vicksburg Medical CenterVicksburgKZ  03MS 32.31876-90.88316
Victoria RgnlVictoria RgnlKVCT VCT VCT 28.852556-96.918486
VictoryVictory Bible CpKZ  0AK6 61.80338-147.9442
RinehartVictorKZ  0IA6 41.65973-92.2899
Victor's LandingKingsvilleKZ  0OI6 41.83811-80.64369
Sce High Desert DistrictVictorvilleKZ  CA61 34.47694-117.2887
VictorBelfastKZ  1ME1 44.41064-69.00919
Victory Memorial HospitalStanleyKZ  11WI 44.9633-90.93375
D B Smith MemorialVictorKZ  3CO9 38.71249-105.1422
Citizens Medical CenterVictoriaKZ  3XS2 28.81416-96.97637
Victoria Bank & Trust Motor GarageVictoriaKZ  3XS3 28.80305-97.00582
Victoria River Downs, NTVictoria RvrYVRD VCD  -16.4036333333333131.002516666667
BallVictoriaKZ  42TE 28.88776-97.0211
Victoria IntlVictoria IntlCYYJ YYJ  48.646944-123.425833
VictoriavilleVictoriavilleCY  CSR3 46.112778-71.928889
VictoriaVictoriaSCTO ZIC  -38.245556-72.348611
Vici MuniViciKZ  5O1 36.14171-99.30316
CharmeilVichyLFLV VHY  46.1696893.403736
Victor Valley Community HospitalVictorvilleKZ  69CA 34.52778-117.2928
VicenzaVicenzaLIPT VIC  45.57341111.52955
Victory Memorial Hospital OffWaukeganKZ  7LL2 42.37863-87.83257
Thrall LakeVicksburgKZ  7MI3 42.11671-85.51666
Osborne PrivateVictorvilleKZ  8CA0 34.58388-117.2667
Victory Ambulatory SvcsLindenhurstKZ  8IS8 41.41289-88.05689
Warner AirstripVickeryKZ  8OA6 41.38616-82.89713
Victoria WestVictoria WestFAVW   -31.2423.09
One O'connor Plaza-TowerVictoriaKZ  9TS1 28.8011-97.00582
Victoria Falls IntlVictoria FallsFVFA VFA  -18.09588125.839006
VictoriaVictoriaSA   -32.34-60.12
ViccoViccoSPVI   -10.507-76.147
VichaderoVichaderoSUVO VCH  -31.46-54.37

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