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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
BethlehemBethlehemFABM   -28.24839228.336125
BettlesBettlesPABT BTT PBTT 66.913944-151.529056
MeadowsBethanyKZ  MO53 40.23334-93.93356
Northwest AirstripBethaniaKZ  NC44 36.17625-80.34255
Betsy Johnson Memorial HospDunnKZ  NC96 35.31322-78.63585
BrubakerBethelKZ  PS31 40.46037-76.34718
Bethel-Lake WylieYorkKZ  SC08 35.05014-81.1373
BethelBethelPABE BET PBET 60.779778-161.838
Bethel RgnlBethel RgnlKZ  K0B1 44.425167-70.809917
BethelBethelKZ  BET 60.77978-161.838
BettlesBettlesKZ  BTT 66.91528-151.5281
Whelan FarmsBethlehemKZ  CT01 41.66621-73.189
B.i.p.BethelKZ  CT62 41.42593-73.40373
Hangar LakeBethelKZ  Z58 60.79675-161.7273
BethelBethelKZ  Z59 60.78202-161.7431
Betsie River AirstripThompsonvilleKZ  23MI 44.57361-85.88897
Henke FieldBethaltoKZ  IS84 38.87032-89.98399
Vor Lake WaterlaneBettlesKZ  2A4 66.88686-151.4924
BethalJacksonvilleKZ  13XS 34.93537-92.19209
Betoota, QLDBetootaYBEO BTX  -25.6950166666667140.736683333333
BetzBlissfieldKZ  44G 41.8556-83.87077
Bethesda Hospital HelistopZanesvilleKZ  4OH2 39.97424-82.01819
KelchBethelKZ  59OH 38.97222-84.04444
Thomson FieldBethlehemKZ  5CT5 41.63231-73.21622
SuburbanBethesdaKZ  5MD9 38.99733-77.10998
BetoambariBau BauWAWB BUW  -5.486875122.569047
PoshBethlehemKZ  6PN8 40.64593-75.33295
Bethany MemorialBethanyKZ  75K 40.27695-94.00773
HullBettsvilleKZ  76OI 41.25727-83.20603
Bethesda Memorial HospitalBoynton BeachKZ  88FD 26.50433-80.07027
GrimesBethelKZ  8N1 40.48481-76.26357
Nassau County PoliceBethpageKZ  8NY9 40.74593-73.49123
RoncaBethlehemKZ  8PA2 40.68427-75.33407
Bethlehem Steel PlantBethlehemKZ  8PS1 40.6126-75.34685
Betzdorf (Kirchen)BetzdorfEDKI   50.497.5
BetouBetouFCOT BTB  3.0318.3
Betare OyaBetare OyaFKAO   5.3114.06
BetiokyBetiokyFMSV BKU  -23.73344.389

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