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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
Clark IntlAngeles CityRPLC CRK  15.185989120.560325
AngelholmAngelholmESTA AGH  56.29607212.847139
Pulkrabek Pvt Lndg FldAngusKZ  MN06 48.04998-96.78368
Angen FieldGarfieldKZ  MN44 45.93635-95.52615
Mother Lode Service CenterAngels CampKZ  16CL 38.08326-120.5413
Angle Bar MAdrianKZ  MU07 38.39474-94.31023
CameronAngletonKZ  T34 29.15969-95.45049
Clover Lake FarmsAngletonKZ  TE77 29.23374-95.4767
Angwin Parrett FldAngwin ParrettKZ  K2O3 38.578517-122.435258
Angelina CoAngelina CoKZ LFK KLFK 31.234014-94.75
AngoonAngoonKZ AGN AGN 57.50356-134.5851
Angel FireAngel FireKZ AXX KAXX 36.422-105.289906
Angaur AirstripAngaur IslandKZ  ANG 6.9134.15
Angus AirwaysWaitsfieldKZ  VT49 44.23006-72.79123
AngolaAngolaKZ  D22 42.6601-78.99116
Angel's FieldTallahasseeKZ  FL52 30.48103-84.08683
Cameron HospitalAngolaKZ  IG00 41.63389-84.99472
PigeonAngolaKZ  II16 41.63699-84.94945
Angola AirstripAngolaKZ  LA67 30.95157-91.58484
IntermedicsAngletonKZ  3TS4 29.2033-95.43744
Angel ParkKahlotusKZ  3WA3 46.64848-118.583
WallblakeAnguilla ITQPF AXA  18.204834-63.055084
Phillips CorporationAngletonKZ  46TX 29.1508-95.49522
Angra Dos ReisAngra Dos ReisSB  SDAG -22.975339-44.307142
Crooked LakeAngolaKZ  5IN8 41.67242-85.04139
MarceAngersLFJR   47.560278-0.312222
AngletBiarritzLFBZ BIQ  43.468419-1.523325
Brie ChampniersAngoulemeLFBU ANG  45.7292470.221456
Lake PleasantAngolaKZ  6IN7 41.757-85.09194
Lake JamesAngolaKZ  6IN9 41.7-85.03931
Fish AirparkAngierKZ  7NC8 35.53488-78.6964
BailesAngletonKZ  7R9 29.16552-95.40022
Angelo Community HospitalSan AngeloKZ  7TA9 31.41877-100.4706
Angers (Avrille)Angers (Avrille)LFRA ANE  47.3-0.3446
Flyin TigerAngletonKZ  81D 29.26496-95.41188
AngelholmAngelholmESDB   56.17512.517
Ange (Talje)Ange (Talje)ESUJ   62.3415.5
AngocheAngocheFQAG ANO  -16.1139.56
Angel S AdamiMontevideo AngelSUAA   -34.789208-56.264703
Angra Dos ReisAngra Dos ReisSBAG   -22.585-44.184
AngadsOujdaGMFO OUD  34.78715-1.923986

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