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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
KonyaKonyaLTAN KYA  37.97932.561861
Kona Intl At KeaholeKailua KonaPHKO KOA PKOA 19.738767-156.045631
KongiganakKongiganakKZ  DUY 59.95951-162.8817
Kona Intl At KeaholeKailua/konaKZ  KOA 19.73877-156.0456
KonduzKunduzOAUZ UND  36.66511168.910833
KonushKonushLB  LB32 42.07238925.053306
Konocti - Clear LakeKelseyvilleKZ  5CA9 38.97768-122.7178
KongstedKongstedEK   55.1512.0306
KonstanzKonstanzEDTZ QKZ  47.4069.0816
KongoloKongoloFZRQ KOO  -5.2427
KondoaKondoaHTKD   -4.8937135.768299
KongwaKongwaHTKO   -6.16307836.420535
KoneKoneNWWD KNQ  -21.054251164.836972

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