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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
FalkopingFalkopingESGK   58.16979413.587847
Peachtree City Falcon FldFalcon FldKZ FFC KFFC 33.35725-84.571833
Fall CityFall CityKZ  1WA6 47.559547-121.863725
FalconheadFalconheadKZ  K37K 33.925989-97.285556
Falcon FieldStarKZ  MS69 32.10876-90.04647
FalconLees SummitKZ  MU90 38.95695-94.37662
Falk PrivatePark RapidsKZ  MY24 46.86218-95.05225
Falk AirstripFort RansomKZ  NA36 46.49997-97.91427
Falcon StationWest EppingKZ  NH79 43.04064-71.12562
Brooks CountyFalfurriasKZ  T18 27.20683-98.12117
Falcon FldFalcon FldKZ MSC KFFZ 33.460833-111.728333
Fall River MillsFall River MillsKZ  KO89 41.018776-121.433314
Falls IntlFalls IntlKINL INL INL 48.566186-93.403067
Fallon MuniFallon MuniKZ FLX KFLX 39.499083-118.74875
False River RgnlFalse River RgnlKZ  KHZR 30.718323-91.478669
FalconJacksonKZ  06KY 37.52592-83.34515
Falin Landing StripBowling GreenKZ  0KY5 36.8125-86.375
Fallon NASFallon NASKNFL NFL NFL 39.416584-118.70098
Fall Creek FieldLebanonKZ  TN96 36.04117-86.35832
G W Flanders Ranch StripFalconKZ  CO54 38.98333-104.6339
Falcon Afb HelipadColorado SpringsKZ  CO79 38.70333-104.5233
FalwellLynchburgKZ  W24 37.37792-79.12225
FallstonFallstonKZ  W42 39.5015-76.41107
FalconOrlandoKZ  FA25 28.47667-81.4584
Fallon Southwest AirparkFallonKZ  1NV1 39.41528-118.8367
Darrow FieldFallonKZ  26NV 39.45833-118.8639
False PassFalse PassKZ  KFP 54.84745-163.4103
Fallbrook Community AirparkFallbrookKZ  L18 33.3542-117.2509
Falls PondN AttleboroughKZ  2MA7 41.95843-71.32645
Falmouth HospitalFalmouthKZ  MA37 41.56511-70.62447
False IslandFalse IslandKZ  2Z6 57.53215-135.2135
Fallston General HospitalBel AirKZ  MD15 39.49778-76.39083
Fall Creek Air RanchSpicewoodKZ  52TS 30.41853-98.1628
Falmouth AirparkFalmouthKZ  5B6 41.58483-70.54114
Falkenberg LonnewitzFalkenbergEDUF   51.54793113.229036
FalconaraAnconaLIPY AOI  43.61634213.362319
Falaise (Monts D'eraines)FalaiseLFAS   48.554-0.0846
Falcons AerieCarrolltonKZ  8GA8 33.57733-85.003
FallforsFallforsESUF   65.0720.46
Cig 402FalfurriasKZ  98TX 27.25671-98.09417
Falkenberg MorupFalkenberg MorupESGF   56.58312.233
Faleolo IntlApiaNSFA APW  -13.829969-172.008336
Falcon DamFalcon DamMM  MM38 26.521111-99.148613

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